A Startups Guide to Holiday Gifts for Yourself and Others

We love the holidays. Getting together with family and friends and being able to renew acquaintances that we've lost track of, is an important part of the holidays. The busy startup or founder wearing so many hats in their businesses may put family and friends gifts as the first tasks to accomplish on the to-do list, but sometimes these names and gifts end up the last items to be crossed off the checklist. 

Whether it's the office party, employees, customers or clients we may wish our gift to be the coveted holiday offering -- and that's even when we're bringing a White Elephant. 

We went around the office at Startup Grind to get some suggestions about what people were hoping to get from their loved ones (or buying for themselves) during the holidays. Here are some ideas our friends and employees came up with.

10 gift ideas for 2017.

1. A smart home device -- 

We don't discriminate against Siri, Alexa or other AI assistants, as long as something can make our life a little bit easier -- and well -- smarter. You can start small, Amazon Echo Dot is less than $50 or Google Home Mini is only $30.

If you feel like spending a little extra there is Skybell that is a wifi video doorbell that is pretty cool. You can see who comes up to your door even if they don't ring. Or you can catch your doorbell-ditchers in the neighborhood. Or upgrade your device so you can be at work and see the UPS (or whomever) and answer them "live" as if you are there.

2. An e-book reading device -- 

It has been recommended many times that productive people and successful leaders read a lot and it's true -- they do. Pick up one of the e-book reading device (such as Kindle Oasis) will fill your brain and being with knowledge, help to save trees and it may save your back from a heavy load of book weight. We recommend Adam Grant’s Give and Take

A little higher priced is the Cinemood. It runs TV, audiobooks, and even movies all through your Bluetooth or WiFi. It connects to the company so you can use all their content from a variety of companies like YouTube, Netflix, etc. You could even host an outside family and friends event. 

3. An audiobook or podcast subscription -- 

Too busy to read? Audiobooks are probably for you. Ok fine, just not a book fan? Ask around and gift a playlist of great podcasts you’ve listened to or friends have listened to over the years (there are so many these days!) We recommend How I Built This, The Startup Grind Podcast (you knew we would!), TED Talks Daily, GIRLBOSS, and Serial (though everyone’s been through this right?)

4. A fun game -- 

Are you looking for a way to connect with friends and family outside of Facebook and social media? A game night is a simple way to host a fun night-in with your favorite people. Start with simple board games - Codenames and One Night Ultimate Werewolf are a couple of easy games to get started. Watch Ya Mouth if you’re really comfortable with your group and in need a seriously good laugh.

5. A gift of Cryptocurrency -- 

You must have heard all about the digital currency hype, but can it really be gifted? Yes, it can. With Coinbase, and many other sites, you can purchase and send Bitcoin simply with an email address. You may not be able to currently afford Bitcoin with it's gigantic leap in price -- but there are other offerings that are fun too. The different cryptocurrency’s value is still being assessed by the industry, but this is a quick way to get your friends involved (whether they want to be or not). 

And who wouldn't be impressed with the more affordable piece of gold or silver? Those coins are in the colors of the season. Gold and Silver coins or bars are really fun to give -- no one expects this.

6. A fitness pass -- 

Try giving your friends a workout pass this year -- and maybe a fitness pass for yourself, as well, to keep you both accountable. The gift of good health -- what more could be better? Especially post holiday, if you have been indulging. Check out ClassPass, where they can find loads of fitness classes around every fitness level and choice. Or try FitBit, with plenty of options for everyone in the family.

7. A conference ticket -- 

Of course we couldn't resist putting this in here! We will all be there and we want you with us. Please come and please come up and introduce yourselves. This is certainly the most affordable tech conference out there right now.

Some of the best entrepreneurs got where they are today by being fantastic networkers -- and many came straight from Startup Grind. Multiply your network by gifting a friend, colleague, or employee -- and this is one gift you owe to yourself -- a ticket to Startup Grind’s February Conference

You’ll join 7,000 entrepreneurs, 250+ thought leaders, and a world of resources to help you grow your company -- network -- and find success for 2018.

8. An online streaming account -- 

Still can’t find a “Stranger Thing” binge-watching buddy? Offer to purchase a year long subscription for your friends and you will get yourself a bunch of binge-watch-able buddies.

Be careful, this gift might come with a great price - endless time spent on Netflix and bags of popcorn. Ask the friends to bring something for all of you to share in the food department. Sometimes they don't leave... And, yes -- they get hungry.

9. A drone machine -- 

A super cool gift. A friend gave me one last year then got himself one. This is what I'm giving to a couple of family members this year. Too cool to pass up. The family member I gave the drone to had an older GoPro we taped on his drone. Capture amazing videos during your travel -- well the drones travels. 

Amazon had a Batman and Superman (less expensive) drone that I got for myself and a friend for this year. I'm picturing "drone wars" at the park and bashing into each other. Hope none of our sophisticated friends and clients sees us acting like kids -- but I'm really excited.

You can get your hands on a drone machine at DJI Spark -- it is the newest and the smallest drone and looks extra cool.

10. https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/ --

Okay, normally I wouldn't have a website for a gift idea -- but everyone at the office insisted -- so don't blame me. I'd never seen this site before, but serious fun just looking through it. On this site you will find the absolutely least expensive gifts, the doubtless most expensive gifts, the categorically worst offerings of gifts, truly laughable gifts (that you'll laugh at -- but wouldn't dare actually give to anyone) and you'll unquestionably find a lot of "stuff" in-between. 

Please Have A Happy Holidays!

From The Startup Grind Team