A Startups Guide to Holiday Gifts for Yourself and Others

We love the holidays. Getting together with family and friends and being able to renew acquaintances that we've lost track of, is an important part of the holidays. The busy startup or founder wearing so many hats in their businesses may put family and friends gifts as the first tasks to accomplish on the to-do list, but sometimes these names and gifts end up the last items to be crossed off the checklist. 

How Much Cash Will You Need To Launch A Startup?

As you consider starting your first business, you should be looking at the costs of running a company. There are some obvious things most people will consider: the cost of rent in their area, the cost of inventory, the manufacturing costs of their products. But there are a number of factors that many first time entrepreneurs forget to factor in.

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Digital Startup More Secure

When we launch a digital startup, we tend to be focused on market reception and growing the number of users. Protecting the value of our successful business? Well, that’s one of those “nice to have” problems that we’ll worry about when we get there, right?

The Quiet Startup: How to Go from Wallflower to Superpower

There has been a lot written about the power of an introvert as an entrepreneur – dubbed intrapreneurship. In a previous article, I shared a few of my own challenges as an introvert in business and in life, and how I’ve learned to embrace them.

The Secret to Explosive Startup Growth: Think Smaller

When I was tapped two years ago to run growth for a VC-backed startup, I was both excited and scared.