Startups and Enterprise: A Love Story

A growing number of enterprise companies are attempting open innovation or startup innovation, but few of them are tackling the concept with as much precision as Oracle's Reggie Bradford, 3-time entrepreneur and Startup Ecosystem & Accelerator boss at the cloud software giant. "How do we help startups build better products and create capabilities?" he posited. "That's job number 1."

How to Avoid the “Revolutionary” Messaging Fallacy

Netflix and Zendesk both transformed their industries without ever saying they were. Yet many companies start their messaging like these two competing in the same space:

Why Our 7-Month Old Son is My Role Model for Startup Leadership

The last few months have been incredible and can best be described as a period of immeasurable growth. I have watched our first child come into this world and grow in new ways every day. Our startup, which is also our new baby, is growing rapidly and, perhaps as a consequence of both of these life-changing events --every experience in my life feels like an explosion. I feel like I have undergone exceptional personal growth as well.

How To Build A Rockstar Website On A Startup Budget

You’re not the only Startup operating on a tight budget these days. Today’s entrepreneurs should be looking to cut costs wherever they can get a break to stay on track with budgets, reach success, and put money aside for rainy days.