Beyond Resumes, Applying For Startups

If you think joining a startup is easier than finding employment in a big company, you can just go ahead and perish that thought. This wrong idea gets lodged in the brain, because you think big companies are more selective. However, it is the startups that are the more finicky, when it comes to hiring.

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Women In Business: Why We All Need A Support Group

Before we get any further let's clear things up. This is not a an angry post to roast men in the workplace or explain how unfair the wage gap is across industries. This is clear enough, time is up.

How To Evaluate The Authenticity Of Marketing Services

No matter how good you are at marketing, you can’t do everything yourself. Marketing is a mindset, not a department. To make it work, you’ve got to integrate your marketing efforts with everything your business is doing. Marketing is more than a set of tasks to perform on a schedule and requires thorough knowledge of your business. That’s why it’s so difficult to outsource marketing. Nobody knows your business better than you.