From Founder to VC - 12 Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Last March Startup Grind Tel- Aviv hosted Rona Segev Gal, a successful entrepreneur that became a very successful venture capitalist. As a Founding Partner of TLV Partners, Rona has a unique investment philosophy which focuses on helping entrepreneurs in very tangible ways and focusing on building long-term partnerships and relationships. 

Yes, Your Logo Still Matters

Are You Notable? A Blogging Brand Identity From Scratch

The road to being the authority in your niche, bringing an expertise into your blogging and utilizing the most out of it may seem like a strenuous task to the most of us. There are two primary variables to consider here:  A) The niche you have picked out for your blog, and B) The image that your blog portrays.

Customers Leaving? 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Slow websites are not just annoying. A slow website will kill your conversion rate.

15 Workspace Factors That Make or Break Your Team’s Productivity

One of the most exciting parts of creating a startup from scratch is choosing and designing your office location. It’s true that virtual offices are becoming more popular, thanks to their convenience and cost efficiency, but if you want to harness the power of collaboration and have a physical space that represents your brand, you’ll want to find an attractive location and deck it out with the features most likely to improve your team’s productivity and morale.
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