Being an entrepreneur

We had the privilege of chatting with Arun Kumar, the founder of Casa Grande (one of Chennai's largest builders). Despite being a builder, he is actually a techie and a serial entrepreneur! His passion is for tech, and he has turned angel investor for several tech startups.

His upbringing and modesty about his success shines through his talk, with his humour sparking rounds of uproarious laughter with the audience! One of the best talks we have had in Chennai.

Some of the key highlights of the talk: (The full video can be seen here)

  • Find the right business to be in - being ahead of the curve by a mile does not help, it works only if you are ahead of the curve by a few months

  • Family is one of the biggest challenges, with most families wondering why you give up cushy jobs to start a company - getting their buy in early on is crucial

  • Cash flows in the initial years is crucial since there is a finite amount of money before clients start using your product and paying you for it - make sure you plan this right

  • Don't be scared to give out stake in the company - you need the money to grow!

  • Getting the right partner is very important to ensure that each of you balance out the other

  • Failing at business is not a bad thing, on the contrary you have had the courage to do something different, and learnt from this experience - so next time you can succeed

Watch the full video here: