Buff Profits! Effectively Market a Fitness or Supplement Company

The fitness and nutritional supplement industry continues to grow with no sight of stopping in the future. This can be due to the availability of supplements compared to the past with online supplement stores churning out sale after sale.

The need for nutritional supplements and fitness instruction will continue to be in demand as long as people want to improve their weight, body composition, or just overall health. The need for a creative marketing strategy is essential for those smaller companies trying to compete with much larger established companies.

The following are ways to help market a business in a cost-effective way that will deliver the highest ROI for a company.

Test Your Products For Drug Tested Athletes

A large portion of those purchasing supplements are athletes of some kind. While athletes who play a sport for fun do not get drug tested it is important to test products for athletes.

The reassurance that a supplement will not test positive for a banned substance does a few things.

  • The supplement being free from a banned substance makes it more likely to be accepted by skeptical parents.

  • Athletes of a high level will use the product due to no banned substances being in it. Those who watch the athlete take a supplement are more likely to take this supplement as well to gain a competitive edge.

  • This can give your supplement line endorsements from monitoring companies that alert people about possibly tainted supplements.

  • This is a great PR move as many critics of the supplement industry cite the products having unknown substances in them. Testing this will eliminate this criticism.

Influencers Can Help Immensely With Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing in the fitness industry can be seen on a daily basis if you look for it. Fitness personalities with various followings commonly endorse a product. Finding an influencer with integrity is important as endorsing products that simply are not high quality can group your supplement in with those of inferior quality.

The influencer should use the supplements that they market or advertise for in order to give an honest opinion. Influencers with followers that do not trust the supplements that are being endorsed due to the influencer’s previous posts are worthless to companies as they likely will not convert.  Medium sized influencers tend to build more of a community within their profile so these could offer the best ROI for a marketing campaign.

Offer Courses On Your Website For Various Careers or Certifications

A myriad of people are interested in various careers that relate to health and fitness. The best way for a fitness website or supplement company to gain the trust of consumers is to have educational programs. These can be both paid and free programs that will increase the knowledge of all of those that take part. Online personal trainer courses can show a consumer that not only do the products that you offer work, that you also have the resources to educate those.

Companies that educate their customers help build brand loyalty as other companies that prefer uninformed consumers tend to want to keep consumers uninformed due to the quality of their product or service they provide.

Content On Your Website Needs To Draw Traffic and Convert

Far too many supplement companies use their blog as a form of advertisement. The content reads like a commercial which rarely keeps the attention of any site visitor. The blog should be a resource for those people with questions about fitness or how a certain vitamin, amino acid, or protein type will impact their training.

The more informed that site visitors are via your content the better chances of converting a sale. Those companies that educate customers to make the best decision possible can be a goldmine for those companies that have supplements that really work.

The health industry when it comes to fitness and supplements will continue to grow. Use the above tips to help maximize sales through marketing and to build a trusted brand. ​