Business to Interface Translation — BIT

Smartphone and tablet innovation is exploding. The potential of mobile apps is yet to be realized to its full extent. We are still researching and innovating on various ways to put the interface on digital touch screens to use.

Startup Lessons That Can Be Learned From Huge Corporations

The corporate world can be cold and unforgiving so it is important to learn from those who have been successful before a startup launches.

How Customer Relationships Can Improve Your Business Brand

Managing a small business can be daunting, especially if there is lack of knowledge and strategies in keeping customers interested and happy. This is a problem for me. After I started my own online business, I realized that it’s not only a numbers game but also a day-to-day competition for brands.

The Loyalty Formula or How to Convert a Gerbil Wheel into a Flywheel

Is your business a gerbil wheel or a flywheel?

How Customer Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Business

No matter how great your data-driven, predictive marketing algorithms are, they can always be trumped by one old-school type of brand information: customer reviews. If they’re great, they’re the best asset your brand has to gain the trust of new customers and retain old ones; if they’re terrible, they’re the hardest setback to overcome.