12 Ways to Improve Product Branding

Branding is essential for any startup trying to get off the ground. Once you have you your branding --a company must protect its brand's image by keeping it alive. 

How to Leverage Online Reviews for Increased Sales

Online reviews are out there about your company’s service or products, whether you asked for them or not. These reviews contribute to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can drastically affect how consumers view your business. How can you use these reviews to help your business instead of negatively impacting your reputation?

Where to Look for Your Answering Service: Onshore, Nearshore, or Offshore?

As a business grows and expands, it must meet the needs of a bustling office -- and answering services are an increasingly realistic way to do that. Answering services answer and direct your phone calls so that your dedicated employees don’t have to, saving the business both time and money.

Tracking Customer Experience Beyond Purchase & Delivery

Keeping customers is way more important and cost-effective than acquiring new ones. They draw stable recurring income to your firm, making it financially stable. So, businesses strive hard to retain their customers, once acquired. On that account, tracking customer experience is imperative for all kinds of businesses.

Implement 8 Growth Tactics Shopify Used to Increase Their Revenue by Nearly 100 Percent

SaaS venture-backed companies can use some of the tactics Shopify used to grow their revenue by nearly 100 percent. Shopify is one of the most popular and fastest growing eCommerce platforms for startups and small business.