5 Ways Companies Can Adapt To New Facebook Changes In 2018

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, updated his news feed with some changes that they were going to implement in 2018. There was abrupt commotion during this time with both negative and positive reactions that left many online publishers perplexed and confused.

Gain a cutting edge.

If you’re part of a company who advertises on Facebook regularly, this will help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018. If you’re new to advertising on Facebook, this will give you the springboard needed to have the cutting edge.

Leverage quality over quantity.

One of the problems we’re facing as a digital community is the influx of too much content. Zuckerberg stated this in one of his recent Facebook posts. Too much content is not a good thing because it can often confuse and drown people without them taking specific action.

Information overload takes over which can lead to spinning in circles. Everyone wants to live the digital dream and the good life, yet they aren’t pushing out high-quality content. They are aiming for bulk which isn’t the best direction to take.

High quality content is still going to be the top-shelf idea.

Stay ahead of the crowd by putting high-quality content on all your channels, and not Facebook alone. The more interactive and engaging your content is, the better. This makes people stick around longer which increases the chances of your audience completing your objective. Create high quality and planned content that speaks directly to your customer's desires and passions. Use high-quality cameras, lighting, and personalities to broaden your reach. Then reproduce them on all your social media channels.

Create support groups

One of the other points that Zuckerberg made was that they were going to start decreasing the amount of content shown by brands, businesses, and media. Facebook is going to start showing more of content from your friends, family, and groups. Every niche and industry you can think of has a Facebook group already made.

Create a Facebook group that is niche specific to your industry and allow people to join and comment. Hire moderators to keep the group spam free and post content inside daily. This is now your own online real estate you get to utilize.

Don’t stop advertising

While all these new Facebook updates are changing, that doesn’t mean that what you’re currently doing has to stop. Continue advertising on Facebook and learn to observe the reports and analytics that Facebook’s advertising platform will give you. Then adapt to the responses that you will receive. Facebook, as well as many other channels, will continue to change to meet the needs of their users.

We should follow suit. You should also be creating audiences according to who have seen your content. Focus on creating video ads that match your customer's pain points and desires, and retarget those who have seen more than 50 percent of your videos with a retargeting ad that gets them to make a purchase or complete a step in the buying cycle.​

Use other advertising outlets

You can’t rely on only one traffic source. Having this mindset can be detrimental to any business. The reason you want to avoid relying on one traffic source is because that traffic source might disappear one day. With that said, Facebook is a great place to advertise seeing there are more than 2 billion active users every month.

But it’s not the only place. There are many places that will allow you to advertise and you’re customers are already in those places. Youtube is a great place to advertise because it is runner-up to Facebook with over 1 billion active users monthly.

Video will account for 80 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2020. Use research platforms like SimilarWeb to find out more about your customer’s online habits and find out where they spend most of their time. Enter in your competition’s website URL to find out where they are getting their traffic and business from and start using the same outlets.

Focus on customer experience

Zuckerberg also mentioned that people on Facebook react and engage more to live videos than regular videos. Customer experience is key to the growth of any company or organization. You can’t grow a company that isn’t serving the needs and desires of its community. Start by creating more live content on your Facebook profile, pages, and groups.

Get more rankings and reviews on your Facebook pages to rank them organically. Invite your customers to use the check-in feature on Facebook and leave comments. Last but the most important, get video testimonials of all your customers and place them on all social media platforms and your website.

Have them introduce themselves, mention your company, and give a specific example of their experience after working with you. Have them explain the benefits of what they received and feelings they had before, during and after your services or using your products. ​

Facebook publishers have expected this change to happen. The organic reach has decreased to as little as 2 percent for some businesses. It’s becoming a game of pay-to-play. Staying ahead of the game and up-to-date with the changes will benefit you and your company greatly.