Fortune At The Bottom On India's Population Pyramid

This is India's population pyramid in the year 2050. India will still be a young nation, age-wise, adding a new citizen every second. That's a lot. Today, the average Indian is 27 years of age. But as many marketers know, marketing is not about averages.

Failure, Feedback, and the Echo Chamber

When I began writing my first book in 2010, The Paul Society, I had just met the woman who I would marry two years later. What started out as a “bucket list” project, led to one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Beyond the practical benefits of research, writing, and editing, I was forced to recognize, and deal with, my own confirmation biases.

The Age of Napoleons: Conquerers in Tech

It's no secret that our time in history is unique.

Learning on Vacation: 3 Keys To Profiting From Time Off

Want to know the secret to having a lot of energy? Taking time to recharge. Now is the time to plan for that recharge vacation -- so you will actually take your vacation.

What Founders Should Be Doing During Their Next Uber Or Lyft Ride

For a startup founder, it is essential to keep continuously reading and learning from books, blogposts, podcasts... However, in a chaotic startup world where the primary concern is to move fast and make daily progress in your venture, sacrificing work time in order to do intensive reading can be a big hurdle.