How To Keep Your Team (And Yourself) Motivated During Hard Times

It’s easy to stay motivated when an idea is new, you’re new, and things are going well -- but what about when you’ve been at it for a while, and you and your team are struggling? How can you stay motivated and keep morale up when long hours, budget cuts, rejections or other setbacks happen?

Why Startups Need To Cut the Paperwork and Focus on What Matters

One problem with running a startup is that you’re doing lots of things yourself and time is at a premium. When you’re more focused on administrative tasks than the actual function of your business, it sometimes feels like things are slipping away from you. They don’t have to.

Should You Further Your Education While Working on Your Startup?

When you start a new business, you can be grinding all day and night for years before you really start to see the fruits of your labor pay off enough to live comfortably again. Unless you just graduated college, you may feel like going back to school could help you further your mission as an entrepreneur.

When It Comes to Startup Security, Strategize Like A Chess Master

Protecting your startup from malicious hackers can be similar to protecting your king from the enemy’s attacks in a game of chess. The similarity can begin with the way a chess grandmaster moves nimbly on the board with intent. He or she employs tactics (“short-term calculations to accomplish goals”) and a strategy (a long-term plan) not only to protect the pieces but also to capture the enemy.

Self Worth, Please Don't Pay Me in Muffins

I remember it being 1998 and I'm in my room listening to Ultra Nate - Free, thinking of all the possibilities in life and being newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, thinking, "Ah...crud."