Growth Hacking With The Power Of Instagram

Business -- whether big or small needs Instagram to showcase their products and services.

Launching In 2016

Since its launch back in 2016 -- Instagram has been able to provide the best possible platform to make yourself established as a brand. About one billion people use Instagram, and because of this, it is a perfect fit to establish your business quickly. Let us tell you how you can use Instagram as your best friend to gain worldwide recognition without spending millions.

Build Professional Instagram Profile

Just like any other business advertisement, Instagram is also a mode of advertisement for your company. Your profile is something that will let your customers know who and what your company does.  You have to take Instagram as your business card, then only people will be able to get in touch with or recognize you.

Try building a professional profile or hire an expert company to do so. Getting more Instagram post likes doesn’t happen overnight. Buy real likes on instagram  to make your brand grow swiftly and reap other benefits as well.

Everything Starts With Consistency

Consistency is the best policy you can ever have or use. There are no hard-and-fast rules applicable with this awesome tip. Even in your business, consistency matters a lot. So, unless you’re consistent about what you want or what you want to show to the world, nothing will help.

The general rule of thumb is to stay focused and consistent. If you don't see any immediate results, don't worry -- just stay confident that you’ll soon see them.

This is Instagram growth hack tip number one -- and you can apply it in your life and business aspects.

Content Paves The Way

Until now people haven't understood the importance of content marketing and how they can use it to their benefit. Instagram growth hack for your business solely depends on how well you produce your content. It can be in the form of a video or picture(s) -- and needs to be something spot-on to get your customers intrigued.

Instagram is now a whopping community of 1 billion users and you need to publish something that is unique or captivating content. Thus, you have to produce and fashion the content in such a great way, that your customers can't resist your presence.

Automation Is Your Key To Success

Being a businessman or businesswoman -- do you have enough time to do engaging Instagram posting? If not you should hire a professional team to manage the daily posts. If you can't afford doing so, take some time to choose the best automation software for your Instagram account.

There are many reputable and recognized social media service providers, and you can study their Instagram marketing strategy to begin immediately. Automation will allow your profile to be engaging and active for your customers. Further, you’ll be able to drive traffic with valuable content admiration -- this is what we are striving for.

New On Instagram? Buy Instagram Likes

Usually, every business profile has thousands of likes and followers. But, if you’re relatively new on the Instagram platform - you need to think like a pro. Your profile will not show in the newsfeed of your customers without heavy-duty marketing.

You’ll need to invest with social media stars or more prudently with services like Social Noor.  Remember that you can’t blindly work with just anybody. Study their profile, see their ratings and results. Then only decide if you can truly rely on them.

Contests And Gifts Will Help In Engagement

This is a common knowledge that your business needs to engage with your customers to drive traffic. What are your proven strategies to do so? The best tip from our experts are to research and start doing gift and online contest sessions. Advertise and post about them one week prior to create a hype. Then choose a nice little contest and ask your customers to comment, like or post about it.

The one who can do it actively or more engagingly can be declared as a winner. This can be used in different formats. For example, you can ask your customers to like, share, post or comment about your business.

Plan Strategically To Win Customers

What is it that your competitor is doing better than you?  Something you have to invest time in ? Or is it something that you never thought about? With the looks of it, most probably they’re doing something you never heard about. Let us tell you what it is.

They’re stealing the fan following and liking the general public as they go. This is something you can do too. Simply, like or comment on public posts and you’ll start seeing auto fan following. But yes, this tip is time-consuming and you have to carefully draft this strategy to get your customers actually like you. You don't want to annoy them on purpose or something.

Stay On Top Of Your Hashtag Game

No matter how often you post or how often you do a contest, likes etc., unless you understand the mode of working on Instagram you won't be able to do much about getting fame on it. Hashtag play an important part in getting on top of newsfeed and getting targeted traffic to your post.

With hashtag fun, you only get to drive the traffic that is extremely important for your business. This will also increase your brand following because you’ll create a universal hashtag, and then add your business name to get into the search news feed of your clients.

A simple example to study your niche and see what your competitors are using on their posts. Grab a similar or exact idea and start posting. You’ll see an instant rise in the growth and engagement part of your profile. Use as many hashtags as you want. Just stay relevant to your post and niche.

Think Smartly

Once you jump into the pool of Instagram marketing, stay alert about the changing trends in the market you’re doing business. Further, subscribe to reputable digital marketing blogs and websites. This way, you’ll get an instant notification if something new arrives. Try to be proactive, as no matter who you hire to do your Instagram marketing - unless you’re paying attention you won't see the desired results. ​