How Mentorship Can Transform Your Life

I come from a family in India where women don't work because they're expected to stay at home. I persevered day and night to come to the US on a college scholarship, built two startups from my dorm at Mount Holyoke College, started and scaled a movement #GoAgainsttheFlow to educate 1 million women on careers in tech and entrepreneurship. An SVP at LinkedIn took notice and recruited me straight out of college.

500 Startup Batch 20 Demo Day: The Summer of Love

The 41 companies of Batch 20 proudly graduated from 500 Startups three month Accelerator program by pitching to an auditorium full of investors on their Demo Day held on May 12, 2017. The startups fell mainly into the categories of Digital Health, FinTech and Civic Tech. With a flair for fun, the theme for the event was the “Summer of Love” and Dave McClure and the 500 Team were dressed up in their groovy getups. 

How A Pivot Saved Our Startup From Dying

It was June 19th and I was sitting at the San Francisco airport waiting to board my flight and contemplating future of our startup. I was returning from Valley after an exhausting few weeks full of customer feedback and learning that would shape the direction of our startup.

Buy it or Build it?


Successful Candidate - StartUp Recruiting

The average person spends about 112 hours per week awake and anywhere from a third to half (or more) of that time at work. In that light, it is easy to see how important our coworkers are to our quality of life.