How A Pivot Saved Our Startup From Dying

It was June 19th and I was sitting at the San Francisco airport waiting to board my flight and contemplating future of our startup. I was returning from Valley after an exhausting few weeks full of customer feedback and learning that would shape the direction of our startup.

Buy it or Build it?


Successful Candidate - StartUp Recruiting

The average person spends about 112 hours per week awake and anywhere from a third to half (or more) of that time at work. In that light, it is easy to see how important our coworkers are to our quality of life.

Top 10 Lessons Learned from 2016s Hottest New Conference: AfroTech

People go to conferences every day. I go to at least 15 per year. Mostly they’re the same. Everyone has an agenda. No one really cares about meeting new people and building meaningful relationships. By the end you’re unsure if it was worth the effort and time. Sound Familiar?

Immigration Should Never Kill a Startup - Announcing The Global EIR Visa Program

In 2003, Akshay Kothari, a 17 year-old student from India, took a flight to the United States to pursue new opportunities at Purdue University in Indiana. During his first semester of college, Kothari took an exciting Physics class taught by a Nobel Laureate. Weeks later, it was that time of the year when hundreds of recruiters line up with brochures and smiles, trying to convince why you should work at Goldman Sachs or Google.