How Your Startup Can Avoid Data Leakage

Few things are more important to a startup than building a strong and secure foundation for future success. Part of that means creating a system by which data is protected and the risk of leakage is greatly reduced. Are you doing enough to safeguard your startup’s data?

SupportPay Founder Sheri Atwood: Almost on Food Stamps

This Piece Is Part Of Our Female Founder Month. Thanks To All Writer Contribution's For This Celebration!Sheri Atwood, founder and CEO of SupportPay was named #5 out of the top "50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley.

This May, Celebrate Female Founders Around the World

Join Startup Grind and Comcast NBCUniversal for 75 events with female founders and investors, all around the world in 30 days.In the last decade, the startup world has been gone from a hip post-college alternative to an outright global phenomenon.

Creativity Unleashed: 4 Quick Tips

At the drop of a hat, I can be creative. However, it hasn't always been this easy and I still have struggles - occasionally.