Social Entrepreneurship - Help Others and Win Twice

In May, Startup Grind Tel - Aviv hosted Hana Rado, a successful businesswoman, a social activist and a liberal feminist. As the founder of the Supersonas, Desert 19 and McCann Valley, Hana promotes both gender balance in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as leading innovation and growth in the periphery. 

Hana's Life & Business Philosophy:

Follow your heart:

As an entrepreneur, it is important to find and focus on a matter that actually matters for you. Search for a cause that you will be passionate about and not the one that pays better. I believe that if you find a significant goal to fight for, it will give you deep satisfaction and purpose for life. Eventually, it may pay off generously, as well. 

Follow your legs:

If you think that being an entrepreneur is a piece of cake – think again. Along with my journey of creating employment centers in remote locations, I faced an immense amount of challenges. I reached out to investors who turn me down one after the other -- and unsuccessfully asked for help from the municipalities.

However, embracing the belief in the importance of my mission helped me persevere and eventually to come up with an "out of the box" solution that led to the triumph of my project.

In addition, I had to use my legs. Physically. Yes, when building your dream you can't stay in your comfort zone. Finding and following your dream will require getting your hands dirty, going to meetings, driving to distant locations, doing cold calls and sometimes do what frightens you the most.      

Follow your family:

For me, the most influencing and inspiring mentors were my family members. My grandmother taught me to aim for the best. My parents taught me how to fight my battles. My husband taught me what love is, and my kids taught me what purity is and what the important values in life are. 

Creating a venture is challenging -- so do yourself a favor and try to learn from the close people surround you. They are there because they love you -- and they most likely will have a lot to contribute. 

Follow your emotions:

I had many expectations from myself – in my career and love life. But I decided to take my own path. So my advice for you is to listen, learn and absorb the feedback that others have to offer. BUT -- and this is a big but -- eventually you will need to be responsible for your own actions. Do what feels right for you, not for others.  

Follow your strengths:

You don't need to be perfect. None of us is. My advice for you is to reinforce and emphasize the traits where you give the most value. When you radiate that value -- you will spread it out  -- your own value will draw the right people to you -- and will enable you to develop your venture in an accurate way. 

5 More Tips From Hana to Entrepreneurs:

•    The most important traits in entrepreneurs are grit and resilience.
•    Love the people you work with.
•    Appreciate yourself and love what you are doing.
•    Don't take things to seriously and be a good person.
•    Understand that women need to lead the world.

About Hana Rado:

Hana was born in 1959 in Carcur, a small village in the north of,  Israel. She served as a commander and an officer. Graduated from Tel Aviv University with BSc in Biology and an MBA. Hana is married to Roni and together they have three children.

Today Hana manages various companies -- promoting women equality rights and growth in the periphery. She is a motivational speaker and is often described as the "The strongest women of the advertising industry in Israel."