Startup Grind Inducts 20 Innovative Companies into the 2018 Global Class of Startups Program

Making a Difference with Resources and Networks to Achieve Next Level of Growth

LONDON, UK – June 12, 2018 – Startup Grind today announced the induction of 20 Companies to the 2018 Class of Startups. The Startup Program recognizes the top 20 companies hand-picked from 100 cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Startup Grind’s Startup Program companies are an elite group of companies whose founders range from former Googlers to Professors of Economics. These companies hail from as close as the UK, and Italy and as far away as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Germany and Uruguay.

The latest Startup Program class represents an exclusive class of pre-seed and seed stage companies. Consideration included several thousand startups. Of these, 50 were selected to represent the Startup Grind community across 80 countries. From those, the top 20 were inducted into the London Startup Program for 2018 (see attached list below).

In describing why these startups were selected and what the program is intended to achieve, Derek Andersen, Founder and CEO of Startup Grind, explains, “Our class of startups have incredible talent, potential, disruptive technology, and opportunistic markets. In working with them, our goal is to help get these Startups to that next level of innovation, strategic intent, and growth.

With the exposure of the exhibition and the mentors/resources we are providing, we believe these Startups will gain the growth they are looking for. These new founders will be on their way with more sure direction and footing. They can use this newly realized knowledge as a support in their new businesses and networks."

Participating in this elite program yields numerous benefits. The startups class of London 2018 has access to mentors, investors, and other resources within Startup Grind’s expansive network. They will have access to the company’s global audience through media and onsite interaction at the annual Startup Grind Europe Conference.

Startup Grind's next conference event will be held February 11 - 13, 2019 in Redwood City, California. 

This program originally started out of a perceived gap in the amount and type of available assistance startups could access. According to Andersen, “Not many accelerators and incubators were providing the level of support necessary to propel startups to their next stage. This program has been a way to extend our network of global resources to these innovative companies -- so they can tap into specific tools, knowledge, experience, and guidance that they were missing.”

For more information about those in this year’s Global Class of Startups Programs, please visit their websites listed below.

About Startup Grind

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 350 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 120 countries through events, media, partnerships, and with organizations such as Google for Entrepreneurs.

The cornerstone of our global community, are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind hosted over 7000 firesides in 2017 and we have passed that goal already in 2018.

To date, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

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Presenting the Startup Grind Inductees for the Europe Conference 2018

1. Chattermill   

Chattermill uses artificial intelligence to analyze customer feedback across customer touch points for organizations to harness customer insights at scale, boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

2. Col8 Ltd  

Video is one of the most important content media but we still deliver it like VHS on the Internet. Finding the best bits is hard and expensive, Col8 is a platform that helps businesses and consumers use their video better by combining it with data to product.


Become a master in creating things people love. Learn in 4 weeks online the skills and tools you need for successful problem solving and rapid innovation. Use the power of a Design Sprint, get certified, and join a global community of Design Sprint Masters.

4. Enlloi Business Travel S.L  

Enlloi is a company that offers on demand premium leisure experiences to the Business Travellers to create an after-work living. We are aimed at revolutionizing the new trend of Bleisure (Business + Leisure) using disruptive technologies.

5. GUARDIAN srl 

Guardian research, develops and produces digital platform to improve the life of people. Flagship is SismAlarm, the first IoT and social early warning system for earthquake and domestic accidents.

6. HomeCooked UK  

HomeCooked UK is a new mobile app that connects talented, local chefs with hungry customers looking for an authentic homemade dish, providing a much healthier alternative to the standard takeaway.

7. Kuishi na Kuishi 

We believe Africa can feed itself and the world, whilst enabling people across the continent to live a better life. We are building a pilot farm and then a knowledge and trade platform to enable this.

8. LID Helmets 

LID is an urban / commuter bike helmet brand, which is part of the movement to get more city commuters out of emission vehicles and onto bikes. Our 1st model is a space-efficient, folding helmet, which is eco-friendly.

9. Loop (Formerly Top Bug Education) 

We have created Loop, a self-paced learning platform for K-12. Currently covering math, biology, chemistry & physics using animations, games and assessments with real time performance feedback.

10. Lucid  

The Lucid mission is to enable designers and developers to work smarter together, so they can ship products that scale, faster. Our focus is on the automation of design-to-code through design systems.

11. Miigen  

Miigen is saving the lives and memories of our older adults, across the world, one moment at a time - because in that moment we can live a lifetime.

12. NOYS VR 

NOYS VR is a social platform for artists to perform live on their individually envisioned, virtual stages. Fans can join these live concerts from their home and directly interact with each.

13. Pad Stylist 

Pad Stylist helps homemakers design a home they’ll love. Pad Stylist connects the homemaker with vetted interior designers, making fine interior design services accessible to all. The homemaker also curates from a saturated furniture landscape -- into shopable room concepts.

14. Programmis  

A Programmatic DSP that will shape the future of marketing. We want to give people choice; in what information is used in digital marketing, what ads you see & reward you for your data being used.

15. Zinc 

Zinc is re-establishing workers as the rightful owner and controller of their career data powered by blockchain technology. This is to become the industry standard for proof of employment history and performance.

16. The Urban Collective  

We are revolutionizing the 54 billion p.a. property rental market for tenants by putting the tenants’ needs at the center of the search process -- combining AI-driven platform and the human touch.

17. Tinkerlink 

Tinkerlink is a social marketplace -- helping communities to get jobs and get paid. Our referral-based app is aimed to help the unbanked, underserved community to be included in the mobile money revolution.

18. HR Lab 

HRlab is the modern Human Capital Management platform combining all HR data and tasks in one solution. Including analytics and smart interfaces to third party systems, HRlab is an agile HR platform.

19. uLeague 

The only learner-centric platform that is not university aligned. We reward and support our learner’s. The platform acts as a crowdsourcing hub for knowledge. We do not believe in single-sided platforms. We do not try to replicate an already broken system online.

20. VeridenKey  

Blockchain-based, verified identity key for the digital future. Interconnecting national electronic IDs to create a standardized verified legal status digital IDs to cross borders.