Funding Alternatives For Founders Who Don’t Fit VC

One of the big questions for your startup is this: “How will I finance it?” If you assume that your only option is the VC path, think again, especially if you’re a female founder. The chances are very low that you will meet the criteria of VCs even when you have a very strong business. Are there alternatives? Yes. One alternative is an investor such as Ian Lucey.

6 Mistakes To Avoid in Your First Year as a Startup Founder

Founding a startup is a rewarding and challenging experience.  Driven by the need to change the world, an industry, or even by a desire to call your own shots, new startups are popping up every day.

Celebrating 50 Events in Startup Grind Toronto

We all know of the numerous success stories that take place in The Valley. So much so that sometimes founders feel that the only way to succeed in the startup world is to pack your bags and head south. But that's not the case: yes, it is possible to find startup success outside of the Valley. Want to see some proof? Look for any video from Startup Grind outside of the Silicon Valley community.

9 Startup Lessons Learned From Anthony Johnson (Empire Genomics)

Startup Grind Buffalo had the privelege to host Anthony Johnson (CEO Empire Genomics), and I have to say it was one of the most entertaining and valuable Startup Grind's yet!

Storytelling for Startups Matters

This is a guest post by startup veteran and author Mark Evans.