Reza Mokhtarian’s Five Point Plan to Freedom and Success

Reza Mokhtarian believes in “freedom for whatever we do,” and he says you should too.

The Right Stuff

When I went to hear Sanjay Singhal’s fireside chat with Startup Grind Toronto’s Sharn Kandola I happened to be reading An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, by Chris Hadfield.

How To Grow From A Scrappy Brand To A Goliath

Dollar Shave Club started with a simple value proposition:

Funding Alternatives For Founders Who Don’t Fit VC

One of the big questions for your startup is this: “How will I finance it?” If you assume that your only option is the VC path, think again, especially if you’re a female founder. The chances are very low that you will meet the criteria of VCs even when you have a very strong business. Are there alternatives? Yes. One alternative is an investor such as Ian Lucey.

6 Mistakes To Avoid in Your First Year as a Startup Founder

Founding a startup is a rewarding and challenging experience.  Driven by the need to change the world, an industry, or even by a desire to call your own shots, new startups are popping up every day.