Celebrating Female Founders with Gina Din, PR Superstar, at Startup Grind Nairobi

May is a special month for the Startup Grind community, when we celebrate the female entrepreneur. We are constantly asked how we face the challenge of the gender gap in our communities and what we are doing to make our events more inclusive of women. There is no easy answer to this, what we do know is incredible female entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE. For the third year in a row we are facing that challenge head on and dedicating the month of May to our campaign for female entrepreneurship.

To celebrate Female Founder Month in Nairobi, we're inviting the incredible Gina Din. Gina Din is the Founder and Executive Chair of the Gina Din Group, the most awarded PR agency in the region. She runs the Gina Din Foundation, which empowers youth and women with high potential by connecting them to critical global resources. She is a mentor, respected business woman and philanthropreneur with a real passion for Africa.

She is coming to Startup Grind Nairobi on May 26th, 6pm at the iHub. We can’t wait! 

Talking About The Startup of You

On May 26th, with Gina, we are not going to talk about PR or fundraising or how to beat the market. We're not digging into getting traction, beating the competition, or crushing your IPO.

We’ll be talking about you, the entrepreneur. The person.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset before it becomes a business. It always begins with you. A vision of the future you see as the outcome of your efforts. Belief in yourself and your ability. All the greats are known for an insane belief in themselves and what they have set out to achieve. 

This is also the hard part of any entrepreneur’s journey. That insane belief is not fiercely present all the time. Sometimes you’re swimming - even drowning - in doubt, self criticism, depression - and more and more, these conversations are coming to the foreground. There’s a constant battle of trying to reinforce in yourself faith. 

It becomes really hard to admit to yourself and to people around you that you are struggling. And that the struggle is not fundraising or route to market but belief in yourself. Vulnerability does not come easy.

The entrepreneur is the person who pushes through anyway.

Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship

Due to cultural conditioning and skewed mindsets, women have to go several extra miles to be considered “just as good”. The female entrepreneur takes all this on and more and pushes through.

There is really no solution for this part of your journey as an entrepreneur except a community that gets it.

Our event this month is one such space and we want you all to come out and listen and share and be heard! Most of all be inspired and make real connections.

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Join us on May 26th, 6pm at iHub, 4th floor Bishop Magua Hse on Ngong Rd.