Female Entrepreneur Month & Upcoming Events in May, June, and July

At Startup Grind, we’re frequently asked how we face the gender gap challenge in our global communities. Hacker houses, coworking spaces, and startups around the world are asking the same question: how do we create an environment more inviting and appealing to women? From Iran to New York City, we're doing everything we can to make our events around the globe connect with women, whether they're already founders or investors, or just curious about owning or joining a startup business. There is no easy answer to this, despite the fact that incredible female founders are everywhere.

We love partnering with broader communities like Google for Entrepreneurs, Women 2.0, and other local female business groups; we invite female founders to speak throughout the year; and we stand by values that are inclusive and helpful to all. Because of this, we attracted almost 40% female attendance to our Global Conference - not just in our pool of attendees, but also in our selection of speakers.

But there's always more work to be done - so every May, Startup Grind commits do celebrating the achievements of female founders, investors, and technologists. Every May, we celebrate Female Founder Month around the world, in all 200 Chapters by inviting female founders as speakers and interviewers to tell their stories.

For our third year in a row, we're facing that challenge head on. As part of our commitment to be the change we want to see in the world, we're proud to be featuring 74 female leaders around the world. Find some of our favorite events below.

May - Startup Grind's Annual Female Entrepreneur Month

02 May [Minneapolis, MN] Clay Collins, Co-Founder/CEO (LeadPages)

03 May [Hong Kong, China] Jessica Choi (Hirely)

04 May [Lubumbashi, Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)] Costa Coursaris (Musal Sarl)

05 May [Silicon Valley, CA] Steve Case (The Third Wave)

05 May [Tokyo, Japan] Junko Masachika (Fashion Rescue)

05 May [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Azran Osman-Rani (iFlix)

06 May [Chennai, India] Kripa Dhevi Dharmaraj (MC’s Lunchbox)

07 May [Cairo, Egypt] Omar el Shenety (Multiplies Groups)

09 May [Columbus, OH] Pamela Springer (ORIS Intel)

10 May [Guatemala City, Guatemala] María Mercedes Zaghi (Grafia Etc)

10 May [Dubai, United Arab Emirates] Sahar Wahbeh (Dumye)

10 May [Istanbul, Turkey] Sina Afra (Entrepreneurship Foundation)

10 May [Kalamazoo, MI] Nancie Oxley (St. Julian Winery)

10 May [Miami, FL] Adam Garfield & Ed Gilmore (SpeedETab)

10 May [Orlando, FL] Suneera Madhani & Salman Rehmetullah (Fattmerchant)

10 May [Toronto, Canada] Tami Zuckerman (VarageSale)

11 May [Sacramento, CA] Female Founders (500 Startups)

11 May [Durban, South Africa] Aisha Pandor (SweepSouth)

11 May [Asturias, Spain] Elisabeth Martinez (Conector)

11 May [Glasgow, United Kingdom] Vicky Brock (Clear Returns)

11 May [Charleston, SC] Christina Lock (Catch Talent)

11 May [Houston, TX] Emily Keeton (Station Houston)

11 May [Austin, TX] Blake Garrett (Aceable)

12 May [Seattle Eastside, WA] Serena Glover (Angel Investor, Board Advisor)

12 May [Los Angeles, CA] Jason Nazar (Comparably)

12 May [Eldoret, Kenya] Margaret Komen AKA Maggie Pilipili (Mace Foods)

12 May [Rotterdam, Netherlands] Simone Brummelhuis (The Next Women | Iens.nl)

12 May [Princeton, NJ] Emily and Lyla Allen (Kitchen Twins)

12 May [Monterrey, Mexico] Claudia de Heredia (Growth & co-founder @ KICHINK)

13 May [Denver, CO] Nicole (Casanova)

13 May [Lima, Peru] Amparo Nalvarte (CULQI)

13 May [San Diego, CA] Melani Gordon (TapHunter)

14 May [Khartoum, Sudan] Female TBD (Sudanesewomen Assosiation)

16 May [Stockholm, Sweden] Annie Lööf (Swedish Parliament / Centre Party)

16 May [Monterey Bay, CA] Sara Isenberg (SantaCruzTechBeat.com)

17 May [Gothenburg, Sweden] Lena Apler (Collector Bank)

17 May [Paris, France] Corinne Lejbowicz (Prestashop)

17 May [Reading, United Kingdom] Yasmina Siadatan (Mya Lacarte)

17 May [Chicago, IL] Nin Desai (NIN Ventures)

18 May [Phoenix, AZ] Cristine Vieira (Find Your Influence)

18 May [Singapore, Singapore] Rosaline Chow Koo (Founder and CEO of CXA)

18 May [Helsinki, Finland] Sean Percival (500 Startups)

18 May [Limerick, Ireland] Gráinne Barry (Salaso)

18 May [Lisbon, Portugal] Helena Vieira (BIOALVO SA & MY.SKINMIX)

18 May [Boston, MA] Melissa Withers (RevUp by Betaspring)

18 May [Washington DC, DC] Archana Vemulapalli (CTO of DC)

18 May [Orange County, CA] Tina Aldatz (Savvy Travelers)

19 May [Seoul, South Korea] Hyemin Lee (Finda)

19 May [Dayton, OH] Falon Donohue (VentureOhio)

19 May [Tirana, Albania] Monika Farka (Dynamics Partners)

19 May [Kyiv, Ukraine] Anna Degtereva (Happy Farm)

19 May [Barcelona, Spain] Mar Alarcón (SocialCar)

19 May [Frankfurt, Germany] Julia Römer (Coolar)

19 May [Madrid, Spain] Izanami Martinez - Founder (Doctor24)

19 May [Cordoba, Argentina] Pamela French (British School, Mark Twain School)

19 May [New Haven, CT] Matt Powers (UBER)

19 May [Triangle, NC] Cindy Whitehead (Sprout Pharma (Sold) and The Pink Ceiling)

20 May [Chennai, India] GV Ravishankar (Sequoia Capital)

21 May [Karachi, Pakistan] Jehan Ara (P@SHA)

24 May [Auckland, New Zealand] Lillian Grace (Figure.nz)

24 May [Melbourne, Australia] Derek Andersen (Startup Grind)

24 May [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] Hedda PAHLSON-MOLLER (OMSINT/TIIME)

24 May [Athens, Greece] Alexia Kotsi (Funkmartini)

24 May [Tel Aviv, Israel] Adi soffer Teeni (Facebook Israel)

24 May [Zurich, Switzerland] Monika Walser (De Sede) 

24 May [New York City, NY] Joanne Wilson (Angel Investor) 

24 May [Bogota, Colombia] Jose Calderon (ClickDelivery)

24 May [San Francisco, CA] Jessica Herrin (Stella & Dot)

25 May [Fremont, CA] Saylee R, Niousha B, Yukte O (Female Founders Month)

25 May [Brisbane, Australia] Juliette Wright (GIVIT)

25 May [Edinburgh, United Kingdom] Niki Mckenzie (Archangel Investors)

25 May [Albany, NY] Anu Duggal (Female Founders Fund)

26 May [Sydney, Australia] Derek Andersen (Startup Grind USA)

26 May [Nairobi, Kenya] Gina Din-Kariuki (Gina Din Group)

26 May [Lansing, MI] Kelly Rossman-McKinney (Truscott Rossman)

27 May [Sonoma, CA] Sondra Bernstein (Girl and the Fig)

27 May [Los Angeles, CA] Tracy Chou (Pinterest)

28 May [Delhi NCR, India] Aakriti Bhargava (Boring Brands)

30 May [Rome, Italy] Benedetta Arese Lucini (Oval Money)

30 May [Cape Town, South Africa] Moira Johnston & Nicky Rosin (EventRoom)

31 May [Halifax, Canada] Ian Lucey (Lucey Fund)

31 May [Buffalo, NY] Christine Bird and Caitlin MacGregor (Plum)

31 May [Dallas, TX] Gail Warrior (Warrior Elements)


01 June [Seattle, WA] Sarah Bird, CEO (Moz)

01 June [Stockholm, Sweden] Natalia Brzezinski (Symposium)

02 June [Toronto, Canada] Ben Zifkin (Hubba)

03 June [Tokyo, Japan] Arimoto Hitoshi (Hospitality & Growing Japan)

04 June [Delhi NCR, India] Sachin Bhatia (TrulyMadly)

07 June [Cologne, Germany] Alexander Peiniger (Quintly)

07 June [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] Hubert SCHUMACHER (Serial Entrepreneur)

07 June [Austin, TX] Dr. Mark Milliron (Civitas Learning, Inc.)

08 June [Paris, France] Meryl Job (Videdressing)

09 June [Seattle Eastside, WA] Dan Shapiro (Glowforge)

09 June [Boston, MA] Emily Reichert (Greentown Labs)

10 June [San Diego, CA] Lars Helgeson (GreenRope)

10 June [Eldoret, Kenya] Dr. Bitange Ndemo (Technocrat and Associate Professor)

10 June [Asturias, Spain] Pablo Pantaleoni (Medtep)

13 June [Columbus, OH] Mike (Morgan)

13 June [Minneapolis, MN] Chad Halvorson (When I Work)

14 June [Dubai, United Arab Emirates] Philip Bahoshy (MAGNiTT-Investment Database Network)

15 June [Monterey Bay, CA] Ian Lucey (Lucey Fund)

15 June [Sacramento, CA] Kevin Nagle (Envision RX / Sacramento Kings)

15 June [London, United Kingdom] None (None)

15 June [Europe Conference Startup Program, United Kingdom] Startup Grind Startup Program (Your Company)

15 June [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] Georges BOCK (KPMG)

15 June [Limerick, Ireland] Anne Heraty (CPL Resources plc.)

16 June [Charleston, SC] Noah Everett (Pingly, TwitPic)

16 June [Triangle, NC] Eric Koester (Next Gen Venture Partners)

16 June [Princeton, NJ] Stan Parish (Wall Street Journal)

21 June [Athens, Greece] Spyros Magiatis (Workable)

21 June [Kalamazoo, MI] Bridgett Blough (The Organic Gypsy)

22 June [Cluj-Napoca, Romania] Frédéric Lasnier (Pentalog)

23 June [Las Vegas, NV] Howard Love (Angel Investor)

23 June [Glasgow, United Kingdom] Professor Jim Duffy (Entrepreneurial Spark)

23 June [Madrid, Spain] Jose Rodriguez - Founder & CEO (Wiffinity)

23 June [Washington DC, DC] Peter Harrison (Snagajob)

28 June [Detroit, MI] Mayor Mike Duggan (The City of Detroit)

29 June [Seattle, WA] Matt Oppenheimer (Co Founder, CEO Remitly)

29 June [Silicon Valley, CA] Mike Maples Jr (FLOODGATE)

29 June [Los Angeles, CA] Brian Garrett (Crosscut Ventures, StyleSaint)

29 June [Melbourne, Australia] Niki Scevak (Blackbird Ventures)

29 June [Edinburgh, United Kingdom] Peter Dines (Mercia Technologies)

29 June [Halifax, Canada] Oded Hermoni (Rhodium)

29 June [Boston, MA] Eric Paley (Founders Collective)

30 June [San Francisco, CA] Nir Eyal (HOOKED)

30 June [Nairobi, Kenya] Aly Khan Satchu (Rich Management)

30 June [Dublin, Ireland] Jules Coleman (Hassle.com)

30 June [New York City, NY] Oisin Hanrahan (Handy)

30 June [Monterrey, Mexico] Manolo Diaz (Yogome)


14 July [Seattle Eastside, WA] Dan Rosen (Chair Alliance of Angels)

14 July [New York City, NY] Steven van Wel (Karma)

15 July [San Diego, CA] Scot Chisholm (Classy)

19 July [Dubai, United Arab Emirates] Haider Khan (Bayut.com)

20 July [Melbourne, Australia] Sarah Hamilton (Bellabox)

20 July [London, United Kingdom] Nick Hungerford (CEO of Nutmeg)

20 July [Charlotte, NC] Ian Lucey (The Lucey Fund)

21 July [Charleston, SC] Ian Lucey (Lucey Fund)

21 July [Triangle, NC] Scot Wingo (ChannelAdvisor and Get Spiffy)

27 July [Fremont, CA] Andy Pandharikar (Tall Idea Labs)

28 July [Nairobi, Kenya] Waceke Nduati (Centonomy)

28 July [Boston, MA] Diane Hessan (Startup Institute