Content Marketing Tips For Companies In Relatively New Niches

The world of content marketing is complex as it also impacts SEO as well as brand development. This can be difficult when trying to create a strategy for relatively new industries. Most content marketing teams take a look at what the competition is doing as far as content marketing to help shape their strategy.

For those in new niches there might not be another company to look at so they have to create one completely from scratch. For some companies there will be a time of trial and error to see what actually converts to sales as well as traffic to their site. The following are content marketing tips for those in new niches.

Take a Look At Your Industry Instead of Niche

A new niche could come from a larger industry so take a look at what some of the most popular posts in the industry were. For those working in content marketing taking a look at online magazines like Search Engine Journal can help bring together some kind of strategy. Knowing what your target demographic is can be imperative as you do not want to waste budget appealing to those people who are not going to end up buying a product or service.

Consulting a content marketing company can be an option if you still do not know what to do. These companies can help immensely or be a waste of money depending on the company that you choose. Ask for results before in your industry before signing any contract as results should do the talking.

Ask Customers What Type of Content They Would Like

Asking customers what type of content they would like to see on the blog can be the perfect opportunity to build loyalty while giving customers what they want. Taking a poll or asking them to message you directly with what they want to see can be a huge help. This can even help your editorial team come up with different ideas. A food delivery website might want to avoid talking about delivery in every post and appeal to people’s hungry minds.

Customers might also volunteer to write up some content for the blog in order to build their writing portfolio. This helps engage the customer community while receiving free content that readers will enjoy. This does not mean to accept low quality posts from customers though as you do not want ot compromise the integrity of the blog.

Try Different Types of Content To See What Converts

Every niche is different with the types of content that the customers will enjoy. Podcasts can be a great tool for those that have customers that frequently are on social media as they can ask questions through a hashtag that is specific to the podcast.

Written content can be incredibly effective but in industries that people deem boring like those of finance or manufacturing an infographic or animation clip can bring some liveliness to the post. Track the ROI on each of the types of content to see what you should be investing your marketing budget into.

Don’t Waste Money on Low Quality Content

For those new to content marketing it is important that you do not waste your money on average or low quality content. People have become more discerning than ever when it comes to content  as clickbait titles have slowly irked people to the point of avoiding these articles all together.

Consumers are also viewing more content than ever before via their smartphones and other mobile devices. You can even be penalized on Google by doing off-site link building with terrible quality content. Find a great writer, designer, or podcaster in order to ensure that your content will be up to par for current and potential customers.

Content marketing is tough and this multiplies when it is a new niche or business idea. Take the above tips to help put together a strategy that is going to convert today!