David Michigan (Personal Trainer)

David Michigan is french with Native American origins personal trainer with a massive presence in the social media scene. David is best known for his unique teaching technique of giving his clients hypnotic sessions and self-hypnotic training backed by his special nutrition and training plans.

Athletics and Self-Realization

David has been involved in athletics and self-realization since an early age. He began learning, understanding, and implementing the four self-realization techniques early on and has since devoted his adult life to teaching others. This choice has allowed him to put more effort into health and fitness of not only himself but all his clients as well.

Healthy Holistic Lifestyle

He has emphasized promoting a healthy holistic lifestyle backed by the Big Fours - Visualization, Relaxation, Affirmation, and Modeling. Since then, he has appeared in numerous fitness magazines with a crowning 8-pages dedication on Muscle & Fitness magazine.

David has created a revolution brand that delivers Fitness & Life coaching sessions to all members across the globe. He also provides motivational speeches to help people achieve the best version of themselves by not only exercising their bodies but by training their minds as well.

Four Million Social Media Following

David has recently increased his social media profile with recent numbers reaching more than 4 million followers on both Instagram and Facebook. On his Instagram account, David's followers not only get a chance to see what he's been up to but he has dedicated this social media site to give his followers a personal peek into his daily routines.

So how did David go from being just an ordinary guy on Instagram to becoming super famous? Simple, he gave his followers exactly what they wanted to see -- hard work and results. Furthermore, his long beard and sleek black hair make him more intriguing and mysterious to his followers. Plus, did we mention that he tends to post images of himself in tribute to the Spartan movie?

The Spartan

If that doesn't peak your Curiosity, then we don't know what will-picture a very fit and muscular man in nothing but his unique tattoo that covers his top left chest and cascades all the down to his left arm's elbow. Now, imagine an 8-pack and some tight Spartan briefs, sword, and other Spartan items to finish off the look. Intrigued yet? Visit David Michigan's Instagram page here.

David's followers have now increased to more than 4 million followers making him highly famous on social media. But how has he stayed so popular?

Improving the Body, Mind, and Soul

Well, his Instagram and Facebook content focuses on improving his follower's body, mind, and soul. On all his media platforms, you will have access to video's of his training sessions as well as fun images that will motivate you to keep going. His website will not only highlight steps you need to take if you want to lose weight but it also provides nutrition plans, muscle gain goals, as Well as motivational speeches.

Global Model

Aside from helping people achieve their full body potential, David Michigan is also a global model. He has participated in helping the girls in Miss Tattoo France and has also made an appearance as a participant in Miss Tattoo World.