Digital Marketing Your Startup: Dealing With Small Marketing Budgets

Startups need some form of digital marketing in order to be as successful as possible. The problem that many people encounter is that of making the budget for a marketing campaign. All marketing departments are going to tell you the budget they need which will always be higher than what they actually need.

The fact is that many startups do not have a massive budget to work with but the marketers can have a huge impact. Those without a huge budget have some of the most creative and engaging campaigns due to having solve problems instead of throwing money at them. The following are tips to dealing with marketing online even with a small budget.

Free Social Media Marketing Should Be Done

Social media being a free platform to promote content, sales, and interact with customer is the first step of marketing online. The fact that these are free and you can start building a presence immediately is important. Do not simply fill up your feed with different products now being offered.

Interact with those in your business space and search hashtags on Twitter to see if you can answer any questions about your area of expertise. This can be a form of customer service as people reach out via social quite a bit, showing that you will respond/care about comments helps build customer loyalty.

Outsourcing Can Be An Answer

A startup is going to have limits on hiring and other limitations as far as staffing/budget. Outsourcing digital marketing to a company that already has contacts in your industry can be the most budget friendly option. Those companies that have started influencer marketing platforms can allow you to see the reach that your marketing budget can have.

Small and medium influencers are making huge leaps for many companies as they tend to be a well-trusted endorser in comparison to celebrities. Look up reviews of the company you will outsource to as some companies rely on the client not knowing much about digital marketing so they can overcharge and under deliver.

Create Content To Engage

Digital marketing is driven by engaging and informative content so creating another generic clickbait list simply is not going to cut it. Consumers are exposed to so much content daily that they have become picky with what they will spend their time reading or viewing.

Finding a person to create content can be done through a freelancer platform like that of Upwork or People Per Hour. This will give you the ability to test a writer out instead of bringing on a writer in-house who will cost more with lower quality work.

Try different forms of content to see which converts in the most leads or traffic. Podcasts and video are extremely popular as some people simply do not have time to read longer articles.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is continuing to boom especially with the moderately popular influencers. Being able to connect these influencers can be extremely difficult. Finding the influencers that help clients convert on sales or traffic is the main objective.

In a post by Seedingup about influencer marketing notes that age plays a huge role in the impact influencer marketing has with the data “The age-group 14 - to 29-years old can be reached particularly well with influencer marketing campaigns on social media channels, because more than a third of this target group has already purchased a product promoted by influencers.

Within this young target group, 18 - to 23-year-olds are most receptive to product plugs by influencers, resulting in purchases by 39 percent of this age group. 30 - to 49-year-olds are less inclined to buy based on an influencer marketing campaign, with only seven percent of this group making a purchase. Finding the right influencer can lead your brand to huge profits in a mutually beneficial business relationship with said influencer."

Content marketing drives digital marketing so having a great content writer for blog posts and social media is incredibly important. A person with writing and marketing background can be a Swiss Army Knife of production for a small company which can take it to the next level.