First fireside Chat in Tokyo

Although little bit behind the schedule Startup Grind Tokyo team is excited to share about first fireside chat event.
Thirty two dynamic people participated in the first event with a curiosity to learn from Mr. Shimizu.
Room was well spaced, participants settled down comfortably after having obento sponsored by Swagat Indian Restaurant.
Some of the highlights of the interview.
Mr. Shimizu started as he was passionate about education and keen on bringing international leaders to educate and help Japanese to become better leaders.
Participants were keen on knowing why Mr. Shimizu decided to invite Mr. Anthony Robbins, as he was most expensive and had tough guidelines to be followed.

Matching to the participants, interview focus was shifted to the process and challenges of inviting international speakers and making it a success. Participants were surprised and wanted to learn more when Mr. Shimizu mentioned that he sold 30 premium tickets priced at $10,000 in the first 10 minutes of announcing the event, and he had difficult time as more people wanted premium tickets but he was unable to increase. It's like a delicious apple is in front of you, but you cannot eat. Above that he also sold out initially planned 4000 regular tickets too well ahead of time, forcing him to change the venue and increase capacity to 6000 seats.
Changing the venue involved lot of communication between Mr. Anthony team and Tokyo office spending sleepless nights, and without breaks. He was also forced to bring in special air-condition equipment to control the room temperature.

Participants learned about Mr. Shimizu life style and how he challenges himself everyday.
For Mr. Shimizu massive action was very important. He told participants that venture capitalists/investors trust entrepreneurs based on their energy and how he is able to cope with challenges.

Thanks to Swagat Indian Restaurant, everyone liked the food and were looking forward for the delicious obento for the next event too.

Later there was a extended chat to learn more from Mr. Shimizu, then next event was announced.

Participants are eager to learn from Ms. Yuki Tanimoto next month.