Get Out Of This Rut

You know the drill. You get stuck in that settled and monotonous routine that is almost impossible to escape. It doesn't really matter if you are in charge of writing ad text for your company, moving the PPC program along, fixing or working on the continual SEO process, or, if you are the sole owner of your business and you are working with your marketing team to try and spread brand happens to all of us; we get in a rut. I wouldn't wish this position on my worst enemy, as it typically leads to people pulling their hair out. It may cause you to sit at your desk and stare at a stack of to-do notes, even blank ones, but one way or another, you need to get out of it right now. The last thing you want to do is end up here.  Don't lie to yourself either, we have all done it.

Hit the Gym

Admitted exercise junkie? Get yourself to the gym or go outside for a run, hike, or bike ride; get your body and mind clear so you are in a better mental state. If you can make it through a hard workout, when you walk back into the office, you will be surprised at how simple life seems to be now. You will be recharged and your creative edge will be back in gear.

Fitness junkies are guilty of getting in 'the zone' that puts them in peak performance. They are inspired by the workout, the level of endorphins they know will be there, and all of this is something to look forward to. The need to get in this zone is the same with anyone. It is the same in business. Where is your zone?

Jam Out 

Someone may have a certain piece of music that puts them in the zone. Others have inspirational speakers they listen to. I actually, personally, know someone who cannot get out of bed without at least 30 minutes of listening to Tony Robbins in the morning in order to face the day and get in the zone. Someone else I know  has to listen to "I'm Gonna Love You," by the Doors, every single day in order to walk into work and school (he's 22 years old.) If he gets in a rut during the day, he runs out to the car and listens to that tune again.

Get Creative

I love to ask people what they use to pull them out of their rut and put themselves back to the business of doing business. One person colors in a coloring book! This is an amazing accomplished adult. Now she has her whole high tech office, coloring. Others, have goals that serve to inspire them. When you can have something that takes your mind off the specific thing that is stressing you or holding you in your rut, you will see how much it helps advance your bigger-picture deals. I can always write, like this article, but what really takes me out of a rut and puts me back in the zone is to put on the movie "The Social Network," and repeat, repeat, repeat. My mom uses, "Sense and Sensibility" for the same thing, yuk, but I digress.

Change it Up 

If you are struggling to stay focused or to get over the hump of your creative block, maybe it is time to get somewhere other than the familiar scenery of your office. Get the laptop and hit up a city park, coffee shop, or anywhere you can get a wifi signal, and get back to work.

Take a Break

The last option that is actually one of the best ways to reset your mind when it's in a rut, or creative burnout is to simply ditch what you are doing for the rest of the day, or even for an hour or two. Take a break. I heard someone say they had not taken a break in 5 years. Well, I'll bet they are a lousy employee. If you don't break, then you are going to break. Yes, you are probably facing deadlines, but even if you switch and work on something else for a while it helps. Just take a break from what is really crunching you. Your body and your brain will be able to think much more creatively, efficiently, and effectively.

As a side-note, when you take a break, as much as possible, get away from Facebook, TV, and other social media. The best choice seems to be to get outside; go grab a bite to eat or a drink with a friend, or talk to someone new. Just get out of your constant routine and give your mind a little stimulation outside of the steady demand you place on it.