Get Your Customers To Sell Your Products For You With Video Product Reviews

Imagine walking onto a used car lot and telling the salesperson you’re looking for an automatic, and they’re so intent on selling you a car with a manual transmission, they’re willing to teach you how to drive stick. They think they can convince you if they keep telling you reasons why you should love the car.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how this is a failing strategy from the start. Unfortunately, many marketing courses out there are still teaching this as a strategy.


Some marketing courses tell you the best way to get sales is to use language to create emotional connections to convince people they need your product, like Neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP). But what if trying to convince people to buy your product (using any method) isn’t actually the most powerful marketing method?

The good news is that there’s a better way—an easier way. Instead of burning your energy trying to convince people to buy your product, you can leverage the experiences of others and let your existing customers do most of the work by sharing video testimonials and product demonstrations.

Here are four main reasons video sharing works so well:

1. People trust objective third parties

Your potential customers know you have a vested interest in your own products, so they’re more likely to believe and trust what objective third parties have to say. Testimonials are written in someone else’s voice, and that’s what commands trust. This means the more third party conversations about your product that you can make available to potential customers, the better.

2. Videos bring potential customers into the conversation

These days, video sells better than plain text because it’s engaging and makes people feel like they’re experiencing a personal connection. Video testimonials allow people to assess the potential situations in which your product may or may not work for them, based on what other people share. This helps them determine if your product is right for them.

3. Objective information allows people to make the right choice

No matter how cool your product is, it isn’t going to be a match for everyone in the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. For example, unless you own a horse, you won’t have any use for a bit. It doesn’t mean a bit isn’t useful, it’s just not useful to you.

When purchasing a new product, people want to know if it’s useful in ways that matter to them. The best way for them to find out is through watching someone else objectively review and use the product on video.

Mattress Clarity, created by entrepreneur Joe Auer, is a great example of this process in action.

While interning at an online mattress company, Auer consulted with a bunch of mattress companies and discovered their marketing messages and terminology just created confusion for potential buyers. Who cares if a mattress promises air-flow, border wires, closed cells, and open coils if you don’t know how that translates to a better night’s sleep?

That’s why Joe decided to create a blog dedicated to decoding the mattress industry by reviewing products through video in terms anyone can understand. However, he doesn’t just write reviews based on a list of features. He personally tests each mattress by sleeping on it for a few nights so he can give authentic video reviews of his experience.

4. Video reviews point out important details

Through objective video reviews, Auer points out as many details as he can in order to help consumers make their own decisions based on what they prefer. For example, instead of just sharing an opinion like, “this mattress is too firm,” he will share objectively that the mattress feels firm to him but might have more give for a heavier person, or someone who has a preference for extra firm mattresses.

Being able to watch him test out mattresses in a video can convey information immediately that would have been lost in plain text.

Dedicate a section on your website to product demos

Video product demonstrations and testimonials are a valuable resource for your potential buyers. If you haven’t already created a product review section for your website, make one as soon as possible.

If you already have a blog on your website all you have to do is create a new category for your video reviews. Of course, you also need to collect videos from your customers, and you can do that by reaching out to them in an email blast with a request for product demonstration videos.

Just be sure to keep it clean and don’t offer any compensation in exchange for their submissions. And allow them to freely share their genuine experiences – that’s what people really want to hear.

Even if you haven’t collected any testimonials yet, you can still present your product objectively by discussing it in depth on your own video. Until you have videos from your customers, any video product demonstrations you can offer will be helpful.

Focus on getting your product into the right hands

While it would be wonderful if everyone bought your product, you know that no product is a match for the entire world. Rather than focusing on selling your product to everyone, if you know your product isn’t a match for certain activities or groups of people, don’t leave that information out.

Build a strong reputation with objectivity

When you’re a startup, you may not have a big reputation like your competitors, but you do have one huge advantage. You get to start from scratch. That means you have a clean slate, and you can start building your reputation in a way that will serve both you and your customers.

Auer started out in a 5th-floor apartment with no elevator and had to lug the mattresses all the way up the stairs. So, you really can start anywhere.

Don’t wait for an elevator to take your business where you want to go. Take the stairs and bring your business to life!