Growth Hack Your Business -- Use The Powers of Instagram

The world changed a lot after the launch of Instagram. This seemingly innocuous channel has set new ways of communicating without talking too much. No three page emails. The only social media platform that exclusively runs on visuals has turned all social media on its head.

Consumers are now making their purchasing decisions based on Instagram feeds.

Companies are compelled to change their marketing strategies to include Instagram in their marketing campaigns.

Marketers have now turned to social media influencers.

Social media influencers will have large followings to tap into the consumer base that can change the fortunes of the business. The majority of spending is happening on social media campaigns and not on advertisements that have now become passé. The social media campaign is eleven times more efficient than ad campaigns.  

According to estimates, the mobile ad revenues of Instagram in 2017 are likely to touch $3 billion.  In this article, we will explore the power of Instagram for a business that makes it the rising star among other social media channels.

Trust plays an important role.

The strength of social media groups lies in its ability to generate high trust among followers for Instagram and other social media channels. The consumers have complete confidence in the information shared by celebrities, friends, and bloggers and attach more value to it than information gathered from advertisements and other paid channels.

After all, there is likely to be some bias in paid ads whereas the views expressed on the social media are unbiased. Against this backdrop, influencers are in much demand. An influencer can be a gateway for reaching the hearts of consumers who are completely under their influence in matters of deciding on purchasing products or services. Marketers of all brands are eager to build relationships with influencers for reaching out to consumers.

How to Get More Likes
Now that you know how likes can affect your image on Instagram, here are a few tips on gaining more of them.

Add relevant hashtags to your posts.

Not getting as many likes as you want? Make sure you add a few hashtags to your posts. This will put your post in front of more people. Don’t go overboard, though. Try not to add more than five hashtags to a caption. This detracts from readability.

Plan and set goals.

If your posts aren’t performing as well as you’d like, you should take some time to evaluate your social media strategy. If you don’t have one, you need to make one. A thorough social media plan is vital for social media success.

Make sure you’re posting quality content.

No one likes bad content. You don’t have to be an expert photographer, but you should know what good content looks like. Not sure where to start? Check out some photography tips for beginners.

Diversify your content.

Your content needs to be both unique and diverse. If you post photos of the same thing all the time, your followers will get bored. Mix it up! Post photos, videos, and quotes for maximum engagement.

Instagram service.
Use an Instagram service. There’s a simple solution for getting more likes in less time -- using a service like Social Noor to get real -- unique likes on your posts. This option is especially good for businesses looking to increase engagement but don’t have the extra time to spend.

Influencers demonstrate their power.

It has now become clear that the social media engagement derived by involving people who act as influencers is much higher than creating brand pages. Consumer products that are part of people’s lifestyle particularly benefit from Instagram.

Instagram has become an all-pervasive and powerful marketing channel. Instagram is the favorite choice for selling or endorsing products without the need of involving celebrities. Marketers who are keen to connect their products with the daily lifestyle of people use influencers not only to impact the decision-making process of consumers -- but also to sell their products through endorsement for a discount.

Get the best features of other channels on Instagram.

Using Instagram for marketing has an advantage because some of the best elements of other social media now find a place in the app. Just like Facebook -- Instagram now allows for business accounts, and account holders to gain insights into the other accounts.  

You will now be able to know the peak time of the day when you could garner maximum attention and would be aware of the demographics of users as well as how much time they spend on the platform.

Getting more Instagram post likes doesn’t happen overnight. buy real Instagram likes When you buy real and active cheap instagram likes, your brand will grow more swiftly.

You can now access data related to posts that got the most shares, comments, and likes. By using the data, you can create a more compelling marketing campaign as you would know better how to create posts and schedule it more efficiently. It is also possible to convert personal accounts into business accounts without any difficulty.

Advertising for business

To extract the maximum mileage in marketing from Instagram, you must make use of all the high impacting features like advertising for business.  Available figures show that the results of advertising on Instagram are much better than advertising on Facebook.  Viewers can see sponsored stories in the home feeds that give the same feeling and comfort of viewing some organic posts that they follow.

Instagram ads garner four times more likes than Facebook ads, and it is easier to keep viewers engaged to posts on Instagram who spend longer time on it.  

The astounding reach of Instagram becomes evident from the fact that a video advertising campaign on Facebook that reached to 1500 viewers in a day, recorded a reach of 10,900 viewers during the day on Instagram. Also, there were 20 new followers added to the account.

Hashtags widen your reach.

While you must be having the interest of your followers in mind when launching the marketing campaign, you will be surprised to see that Instagram gives you back much more than the response from your followers only. The hashtags help new people to find you out while you grow by connecting with followers.

Therefore, for any particular post, do not be surprised if you gather more likes from people who are not following you. The chances are that you will be increasing your following by selecting hashtags that help to attract new people to the Instagram posts.

More of videos.

Instagram has now made provisions for showing one-minute videos, improving from its earlier video display option of 15 seconds only. It has also provided flexible options for shooting video content from your phone directly and sharing it, or you can upload videos from the photo gallery. To add more features to video your capabilities, Instagram allows you to disable sound, add filters to videos and select a thumbnail image.

If you want, you can even move the Facebook Live feature into Instagram.  All that you have to do is to download the Facebook Live video post on your phone and modify it to fit into the 60 seconds slot and then upload it to Instagram.  You have now created a campaign that replaces the television commercials. 

Emulate the Snapchat.

To help you avail the Snapchat like the feature of Instagram, you can make use of the Instagram Stories for uploading the moments of the day through videos just as you would do for slideshows but without adding it to your profile. It provides an excellent opportunity to show the behind-the-scenes activities that go into the making of a successful product.

The better you know the Instagram features and relate it to your business needs, better you will be able to make use of the high marketing potential of the channel.