How to fire your client (Startup Grind CPT hosted Chantelle Bowyer)

Do you dread hearing from your client? Do they make your blood boil? Chantelle Bowyer showed us how to fire your clients.

On the 27th of March we had our monthly fire-side chat event where we spoke to Chantelle Bowyer from Metis Marketing on how to fire (or hire) your clients. She isn’t afraid to take on any client because of her Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training.

She strongly advocates that startups should plan as if there is not tomorrow. Education is also critical for any entrepreneur. That’s the only way to survive – to learn from those who have gone before you.


— Lindsay Gibson (@linzgib) March 27, 2014

Chantelle believes that you shouldn’t just fire any client - you should fire bad clients. These are clients that are bad for your ROI, bad for your health and bad for you psyche. Firing your client also starts with the hiring process. If your client gives you problems before they have even officially become your client – don’t hire them!


— Lindsay Gibson (@linzgib) March 27, 2014

Join us for some more insights on the tech and the startup scene in Cape Town.

Chantelle’s Bio

Chantelle’s major strength lies in the lethal combo of WordPress, AdWords and Analytics.
 During the last 4 years she has helped countless startups to not only start their digital journey, but improve it as well. She’s got Google on speed dial and believes that working remotely is best practice