Innovation, for Everyone

Brexit. Trump. Putin. North Korea. China. EU disruption. These are turbulent times around the world and they are impacting everyone on a political, economic, environmental and social levels. While many may find this uncertainty a reason to hide, Matt Britton of Google told the Startup Grind Europe audience that it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur.

All that uncertainty and turbulence is what allows for disruption to be accepted and implemented across industries and countries.

Britton focused on three key trends -- connectivity, AI and smarter tools. Each of these mean new ways to learn. From an average of 2.5 connected devices per person in many countries and the new access to affordable devices in developing countries, the world is more connected than ever.

Technology is allowing for smarter tools that are changing how we can solve problems. Artificial intelligence is becoming more mainstream in both consumer and business applications.

Finally, more people in the audience admitted that they had turned to sites like YouTube to learn something new from someone they didn’t even know. This platform as well as the many other on-demand learning sites is an extraordinary way to teach ourselves new skills and further develop our capabilities to generate the kind of change we want in the world rather than fearing what those now in charge may do.

To hear more about how everyone can get involved in innovation and drive the pathways of change, click here to watch the rest of Britton’s insightful talk.