Inside Apple's Top 100

One of the most interesting stories Adam Lashinsky was able to break while
writing Inside Apple was that of the ultra exclusive Top 100 company offsite. This
was an offsite meeting consisting of the top 100 employees at Apple according to
Steve Jobs. These employees could be anyone from first year employees to decade
long executives. At these meetings the most influential people within the company

would gather together and share top secret projects that were being worked on,
some previous products that were unveiled have been the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
This would give the rest of the company a more general look on where the company
was going in the net few months.

Getting included into one of these meting was a privilege, but not getting invited for the following year could be very hard on executives and employees. This only furthered the competition amongst them and geared to work harder the following year.

Check out the clip, complete with undercover Samsung execs and search dogs, here.