Monterrey as the driver of innovation in Latin America



Unlike the world’s view of Mexico as a developing economy, our city has more than 40 years of successful entrepreneurship. Proof of it are two of Monterrey’s founding companies, CEMEX and ALFA, both of which are world class leaders in their respective areas. From the ten most important companies in Mexico, five are in Monterrey.

Today, Monterrey offers different factors that foster an entrepreneurial environment; Internationally recognized universities such as I.T.E.S.M., which is ranked among the 500 best universities in the world, high-impact venture funds such as Alta Ventures, and the presence of global events like Startup Weekend, Angel Hack and Space Apps Challenge.

In the last 12 months, more than 100 startups have been created, some already funded in one or more rounds, such as Boletia (, Semeantoja (, Bebitos (, Cuponzote ( and Sidengo (, among others.

Thomas Friedman’s visit to Monterrey this year lead him to write a column featured in the New York Times ( ) calling Monterrey “Mexico’s industrial/innovation center”.

The potential of Monterrey’s community is impressive. A growing entrepreneurial community, a proximity to the United States (only two hours from the border) and longstanding local and foreign investment in the city.

One of the world's largest building materials suppliers and cement producers.

The world's leading manufacturer of high-tech aluminum engine heads and blocks through its subsidiary Nemak. It is one of the world's largest producers of PTA, a petrochemical product, and has an outstanding position in the market for other petrochemicals in Mexico. In addition, ALFA is the leader in the production of processed meats and cheese and one of the most important telecommunications service companies in Mexico.


Our mission would be to motivate and guide these new entrepreneurs to successfully realize their projects with as much support as possible from their community thru Startup Grind Monterrey.