Remember The Word Impossible Is Spelled Incorrectly.

Impossible is spelled, I'm Possible. 

I remember my first internet marketing event in January 2011 in London. Over a period of three days more than 20 speakers went on stage and practiced half an hour talks. Twenty minutes of the talk was about content and ten minutes about the sales pitches.

Do You Know Your 100 Reasons?

It was then I was exposed to this simple exercise: if you want to do something differently -- like earning more money, losing weight or anything else, first, write down 100 reasons why you must achieve that goal, and also write down 100 ways how you can actually achieve it. Powerful exercise!

A harsh reality based on the fact that a lot of human performance has been deeply analyzed starting in the 50's, and much of the human behavior patterns are already known and documented. A lamentable factoid is that more than 90% of those who set up New Year Resolutions break them by February -- and drop them for good by March -- and they create new ones or the same ones the next year. This becomes a never ending cycle.

If you are reading this article and if you are in the top 10% of people seeing beyond this statistic you need to know that there is another way. You can reach your resolutions and you can start new goals or resolutions at any time and actually put in place a system to achieve them. 

Watch and ask yourself, "What are the obstacles?" Has the theoretical momentum you were having at the beginning of the year faded because it was not sustained?

Maybe in the past, you have attended some personal development events where the presenter, the coach or the trainer was so energetic -- and when you arrived home you made a commitment to yourself to crush it with your startup. Have you found yourself one month from that moment, down and disappointed and taking very close to zero action?

I've done it multiple times, I've seen tons of people doing this same thing and it is something normally related to the average human behaviors.

Are You Helping Humanity Push Forward?

I believe you and I want to push humanity forward, that's why we create concepts, businesses, and we put ideas into real life. Let me guide you -- not only by showing you how to make your goals and resolutions work, but how to have a strategy of setting goals and achieving them. I want you to make 2017 your best year, but more important is for you to succeed year after year by applying this information.

Consider if you are in the summer of your life, you can't expect to reap the rewards like in an autumn. Or if you are in the winter of your life, don't expect to be able to plant the seeds -- as being in the spring and so on.

Principles And Strategies

First, I want to tell you that the past is not equal to the future.

So if you had a really bad year in 2016, this has no relevance in 2017. Believe it! This year you can simply thrive -- if you put your mind to it -- so you need not think about the ugly things that happened in 2016. 

Please Don't Skip Any Steps

You can do this exercise with anyone or by yourself. Below is my seven-year-old daughter's drawing, and even though both of my parents are artists--my drawing does not look much better than the one my daughter drew. 

This is an artistic act, without putting a lot of thinking into it. But yes, you will draw something. My drawing was a little bit more technical and I added things related to income, speaking, consulting, writing, health and so on.

Embrace What You Are

I have a Gemini type of complex dual life and I embrace this. I hung my artistic rendition of 2017 in my main office to see it as often as possible. I don't touch it. I leave it for few days, maybe even one or two weeks. After that, I start to be a little more scientific. 

First, I have a list of goals which were refined in 2016 - I keep it on a Google Docs so I can review it anytime, revise when I want to add something or to withdraw something when I don't feel in sync with that goal -- or after I achieve it. 

A few days after the artistic exercise, I become strategic and I do the process listed below.

1. Let's close the damn 2016 with all its goods and bads. Write down on paper what worked, what didn't work, cry a little bit over it, and swear -- but celebrate, everything. Just put the year down on paper, and close it. 

2. Make a list of new goals you plan to accomplish in 2017. You have already drawn your sketch for this year and let it hang on your wall for a few day. You have closed out the last year by writing everything down. Yes, you can have some of the goals you didn't quite achieve last year -- or they can be brand new ones based on the year just passed and the new decisions taking shape about your future.

3. Next step, if you are feeling overwhelmed already start with fewer goals. Write down no more than ten goals. After you write them, consider them done.

Write these goals as if you've already achieved them, don't write them as occurring in the future. Avoid negative words. For example instead of saying "I don't want to have debts," you would say, "I want to earn this amount every month." Write your goal with "I" because it is all about your. Put everything in the present tense.

4. Now, choose one of these goals, the most important one. You pick the one which, when it is achieved, your life will start to be different. Think about what kind of resources you already have for this goal, set a deadline, what difficulties you are facing, what information, skills and other external resources you need to get or attract to make this happen.

Start taking action right away. This is the key, the kicker to make things happen.

Revise this one goal daily, weekly, monthly and brainstorm it with yourself and with the people around you if they really are the supportive type. (And don't talk about this with those who are not supportive.) 

During this process, ask the right questions. "How I can do this?" Don't even be tempted to ask yourself, "Why can't I do this?"  That one question can destroy the whole process.

The first 2-3 months after you have made your goal is the perfect time to kickstart momentum.

While you are reviewing your goals ask yourself "What can I do right now, this very minute, this very hour, this very day or week, to get closer to my goal?" Remember, you are just working on one at this point.

I know a few of my friends who are writing their goals down 5 times a day. I believe that is a little too much for me, but some of them are my Facebook friends, and that is working very well for them. 

5. To make things easier for you, start with the end in mind. Feel as if your goals are already achieved and simply don't think about what you have to go through to make it happen.

A successful entrepreneur will focus on what they want to achieve -- you will concentrate and know that you can do the impossible. Any roadblock can be overcome.

Remember The Word Impossible Is Spelled Incorrectly.

Impossible is spelled, I'm Possible. 

2017 will be great and 2018 even better. Let me know how this system works in your life & business!