Sauti Sol: The Rebirth of the Artist Entrepreneur in Africa

We can find little online on how to become an artist entrepreneur. Startup Grind Nairobi hosted Marek Fuchs, Sauti Sol Entertainment CEO. He helped us explore the unconventional entrepreneur - the artist.

Fuchs leads Kenya's award winning afro pop group and since he became the CEO, the company has had a lot of achievements. They have gone on several international tours, launched their album on a global stage in the Netherlands, and won many awards.

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Thanks to the internet, artists are free to experiment and find out what works best for them including their audience, industry, and their music careers. Here are some of the takeaways on how to become an artist entrepreneur:

1. Team Work

Have a great team around you that understands your vision and can help you execute to achieve your goals. Show empathy towards your teammates. Be mindful to your employees’ goals and problems. Be helpful to them.

2. Steve Jobs Law

"Put out the best product that you can." Sauti Sol gave an awesome show. From watching the dancers, you could tell the dedication, time, and energy put into their performance. When something went wrong, it took a quick eye contact to get back on track. The production was top notch. Productions and sound supplied by Homeboyz Entertainment Limited.

3. Build and Maintain Your Brand

If you keep building your brand, it becomes easier to your fans to relate to you. They will want to work with you. Build a loyal audience. Know who you are reaching to and involve your audience. Sauti Sol partnered with brands such as Chrome Vodka, KISS FM and NTV for extra publicity.

4. Work From a Philosophy

Sauti Sol's message is “Live and Die in Africa.” No matter where in the world you are, Africa must always live in you, in your mind and in what you do. During the show, I felt the Kenyan culture. We had Sauti fever for a week. African leaders appeared on the show to emphasize the importance of embracing our culture.

​5. Love What You Do

The Sauti Sol team loves to make music and perform it.You could feel it and experience it through their performance. The crowd caught on too! It was contagious. It felt like we were right up there with them. Be excited and have fun in the process.

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Also, they probably got some great ideas for the show from the queen Beyoncé! Here's Marek's starstruck narration on how he met Beyoncé! Watch: Marek Meets Beyoncé

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