SG 2016: Clayton Christensen, Godfather of Disruptive Innovation

We're excited to welcome back Clayton Christensen, the godfather of disruptive innovation, for his second appearance at the Startup Grind Global Conference in February 2016!

Recognized as the world’s leading thinker on innovation, Clayton is known best for the bestselling business book “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” in which he introduced “disruptive innovation”. Since the release of Clayton's 1995 HBR “Disruptive Technologies” article, Clayton’s theory on the creation of new markets through the displacement of businesses which fail to innovate has swept Silicon Valley. Watch Clayton’s 2013 keynote to understand how disruptive innovation shook up the disk drive, personal computing, and photography industries - and how it continues to disrupt transport, publishing, and academia.

Clayton biography isn’t an easy one to summarize. Starting his career as a BCG and later Innosight consultant, Clayton describes himself as a "professor, author, entrepreneur, missionary, husband and father,” humbly omitting mention of playing as starting center for Oxford basketball.

As a tenured Harvard professor, his "Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise” course draws hundreds of students every semester.

As a bestselling author, he has written nine hit books on business and management, including deep dives into disrupting the pharmaceutical and education industries.

As an entrepreneur, he cofounded CPS Holdings to create advanced materials, the Clayton Christensen Institute to research disruptive innovation in education and health care, and Rose Park Advisors to lead disruptive innovation investing.

A man of faith and family, Clayton has served as a Korean missionary and bishop, and dedicated his recent bestseller “How Will You Measure Your Life” to the need for creating a balanced life alongside your successful business.

Join Startup Grind now with a 2 for 1 ticket to hear Clayton dive into the latest disruptive trends in technology and business, and the strategies he teaches his students for creating a happy career, a happy family, and staying out of jail. 

Get a ready for the talk by catching up with Clayton's views in 2013, and - now that the trend of disruption has overtaken business and our language itself - come see how his theory evolved in the last two years.