SG Guide | Branding & Banners

The Startup Grind brand is a powerful way to establish credibility, helping even new directors attract more authoritative speakers and expose their communities to large global audiences. Every single chapter works hard every single month to grow the helpful, effective culture of Startup Grind in their communities. We unify this message across over 150 cities through the things we say and do, the partners and communities with whom we work, and the text and imagery we show consistently at every event. To start, we ask every director to print banners with the Startup Grind logo to appear in every event.

The Startup Grind banners are made to look clean and attractive at any event, and are free of anything but the logo and your city name. It is a way to connect your event with the global Startup Grind brand, and for Startup Grind to benefit from the awareness of global events through visibility to your entrepreneur and press communities.

Banner Specs

The typical Startup Grind banner is a 33”x80” inch (83x203 cm) print that must be made within your home country with the art assets provided by Startup Grind during Director onboarding. Larger banners look great, but the minimum acceptable size is within a few inches of the 33”x80” dimension.

Sponsor banners are acceptable at the event, but must not be seen in the video. The Startup Grind banner must not include sponsor logos.

Banners Good.png

Banners should be easily visible, placed behind you and your speaker during the interview, and credit your city with the event.

Banners Bad.png

Banners should not feature sponsor logos, be hidden out of view, or be miniaturized.

It is the responsibility of a local director to print this banner before their first event. Banners can be made by Kinkos at Fedex, but your region may have another local favorite.