SILICON VALLEY ARRIVES IN ABUJA-announcing the launch of Start Up Grind (Abuja Chapter)


If you have been searching for an opportunity to sip a can of coke while networking with some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial community, and getting the opportunity to shake hands with a venture capitalists or even exchange cards, then I think I have good news for you. Pull out your chair, and take your calendar, because that opportunity you have been seeking for is now right behind your back and waiting for you to get on your grind.

Startup Grind, A global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs, has landed in Nigeria’s Capital City!  Meetings will consist of monthly one-on-one interviews with Abuja's most influential entrepreneurs, touting war stories of both successes and failures.

Events of this nature demand environments that are conducive for ideas and creativity, so it’s only fitting that the new home of Start-up Grind would be at Chelsea Hotel, Abuja’s most quintessential hotel.For this event; no dry jokes, long speeches, gate fee, security checks. Just come with your ideas and get ready for serious fun and uncensored creativity.

Entrepreneurs from all experiences, industries, and backgrounds are invited to attend the inaugural event on Friday December 12th.  Startup Grind Abuja Chapter Launch will be welcoming Simeon Ononobi, CEO of Simple Pay, whose company just received some funding from Seedstars, a global venture capiytalist firm based in Switzerland. He will be telling us the story of how he was able to convince Seedstars to fund his business. Knowing that fund raising is one of the most challenging hurdles entrepreneurs must cross, he will share practical experiences on how you can raise capital for your start up, and attract the right invetors. Don’t miss out from the fun, you can get your tickets here.

Why Abuja and why now?  The city is at its creative climax and innovative orgasm. With the tremendous improvements in the policy climate in Nigeria, the enhancements in soft and hard infrastructure, and the tremendous potential that exists in Nigeria’s young population, it is definitely clear that Abuja needs that platform that will create the pathways for ideas to become brands, and thoughts to become things. From global brands like jumia to konga, to carmudi, to deals dey, we don’t need a prophetic utterance to be convinced that the potential for start-ups, especially those that leverage on technology, has not even reached its high growth phase, talk-less of reaching its climax.  And now, to even galvanize this process, and catalyse the innovation exchange, the Start-up grind has come to the rescue.

The Abuja Chapter of Startup Grind is seeking to fill the gap in programming that currently exists in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  There are workshops, panels, and demos, but entrepreneurs are craving to hear the stories from the horses mouth and are looking for those little keys to help their ideas and start-ups.

Join our MeetUp community here and reserve tickets for the kick-off event here.

The Start up Grind Abuja Chapter is currently powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and supported by Think Possibilities Group. There are still open opportunities for local and global sponsors who share our core values of educating, inspiring, and connecting.  Questions/comments/inquiries about sponsorship can be sent to

The Abuja Chapter Director is John Okoro, a serial entrepreneur, International startup expert and business developer. .