Spark A Pitch that Works, November 8th @ INcubes

Join us for "After Hours" at INcubesIf it were as easy as this formula, every Founder would have investors forming long lineups out side of their elevator.  But there is more to it.

There is the priority that Paul Singh talked about with our Grinders, to begin by talking about the Problem. The first step is to state a problem that sings to the potential investor.

Only then do you have a chance to interest ...

that investor in your solution.  Not your technology by the way - that comes even later.  You have to spark the interest first!

And that spark! That moment of truth is at the heart of the elevator pitch that works.

On November 8th Startup Grind Toronto is pleased to announce "After Hours" @ INcubes, the Toronto based incubator/accelerator that has turned out two cohorts so far.

Get your ticket here.

We are celebrating INcubes expansion into new offices and part of the evening will be dedicated to giving Founders a chance to live in that moment, delivering an impromptu, informal elevator pitch. This is a great chance to get feedback from peers and some alumni, team members and mentors from the INcubes program.

Whether you are interested in applying for INcubes' December intake or simply trying your idea on outside of your own head for the first time, this is going to be fun!