Startup Grind arrives in Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is associated primarily with banks, expensive wristwatches and chocolate.

Not then, you might think, a country especially suited to launching a startup — but you’d be wrong. Long a hub for high-tech and medical sciences, Switzerland now boasts an ecosystem of Internet entrepreneurs that’s blossoming as fast as the proverbial Edelweiss in spring. Small country, enormous potential.

So it is exciting that we can launch Startup Grind here in Zurich, and with such a successful startup and entrepreneur as Johannes Reck of GetYourGuide.

It is often a debate of where Switzerland ranks in the European startup scene. While it is a quite and shy ecosystem, it is highly innovative and active. One has to know where to look.

I look forward to all that we will learn from the entrepreneurs who will be sharing with us here in Zurich their ups and downs, and lessons learned along the way to Startup Success.