Startup Grind Inducts 50 Innovative Companies Into 2018 Global Class of Startups Program

Making a Difference with Resources and Networking to Achieve Next Level of Growth

REDWOOD CITY, CA – February 9, 2018 – Startup Grind today announced the induction of 50 Companies into the 2018 Global Class of Startups Program. This program was developed to provide greater recognition and awareness about innovative, rising entrepreneurial stars around the world.

The latest class represent an exclusive class of pre-seed and seed stage companies. Consideration included more than 6,000 startups. Of these applications, 130 were selected to represent the Startup Grind community across 80 countries. From the pared-down list of 130, the top 50 were inducted into the Global Startup Program for 2018 (see attached list).

Together, they have raised over $40 million. These innovative startups represent countries, such as Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, and Guatemala. Numerous U.S. states are represented in this new class of startups, including those headquartered in New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada, and California just to name a few.

In describing why these startups were selected and what the program is intended to achieve, Derek Andersen, Founder and CEO of Startup Grind, explained, “Our global class of 2018 startups have incredible talent, potential, disruptive technology, and opportunistic markets. In working with them, our goal is to help get them to that next level of innovation, strategic intent, and growth. We are providing “next step” education, exposure of the exhibition and world class-speakers plus access to the mentors and resources that can be gained through our network.”

Participating in this elite program yields numerous benefits. The startups class of 2018 has access to mentors, investors, and other resources within Startup Grind’s expansive network. They get access to the company’s global audience through media and onsite interaction at the annual Startup Grind Global Event. The event will be held February 12th through February 14th in Redwood City, California.   

The program originally started out of a perceived gap in the amount and type of available assistance startups could access. According to Andersen, “The program has been a way to extend our network of global resources to help these innovative companies so they can tap into specific tools, knowledge, experience, and guidance that they may have been missing. We are here to help.”

For more information about those in this year’s Global Class of Startups Programs, please visit here.

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Here are the winners of the Startup Grind 2018 Global Startup Program:

  1. Acuspire -- Acuspire gives candidates and employers control over their qualifications and makes the connections happen automatically.
  2. airCFO -- AirCFO is a cloud-based accounting and finance partner for startups.
  3. ALIST -- ALIST is the world’s first social giving app. It partners with influential people and businesses to promote awareness of charitable efforts.
  4. Aroma Bit Inc. -- Aroma Bit is the world's first odor imaging sensor that can capture and digitize any smell as visual pattern and aroma visualization solution.
  5. BrightGuest Technologies, Inc. -- BrightGuest is a mobile messaging and marketing automation platform that enables brands to deliver dynamic mobile pages to their audience through without requiring an app download.
  6. Calendar -- Creating the worlds leading Calendar for small business owners.
  7. Cramstack -- Cramstack provides a platform to look up valuable data and organize it in the way the user desires.
  8. Crelate -- Crelate is fexible-recruiting software for people-centric businesses.
  9. CureApp -- CureAp is a leading digital health company that has previously launched a nicotine addiction treatment app.
  10. e24 Technologies -- e24 Technologies offers Speech INTEL, a product focused on human-aided Speech to Text and Analytics/Artificial Intelligence Services.
  11. EasyVote Solutions -- EasyVote delivers a SaaS platform to city, county, and state election offices to help manage elections.
  12. Ecodyst -- Ecodyst offers the next generation of rotary evaporators used by chemists and researchers in laboratories and commercial settings.
  13. Enevole LLC -- Enevole is a platform that connects student artists to consumers who are looking for photography and videography services.
  14. ExeBoard -- ExeBoard is an interactive, dynamic board management web and mobile application.
  15. -- is the largest support network for expatriates with over two million members.
  16. EYL Inc -- EYL offers a quantum entropy chip, which enables the user to harvest ultimate randomness from nature to strengthen the cybersecurity of connected devices and data.
  17. Farmkart Online Services -- Farmkat delivers design technology-driven solutions that democratize access to equipment, fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds.
  18. Fledge Connect, Inc -- Fledge Connect is a mobile cloud platform that uses “AI” methodologies.
  19. Hand2Hand -- Hand2Hand is a peer-2-peer logistics platform for global shoppers and frequent travelers.
  20. Heraflux Technologies -- Heraflux Technologies is a premier consultancy with a capacity platform that profiles how data converges with cloud and on-premises environments.
  21. LetsAllDoGood -- LetsAllDoGood enables any nonprofit, educational organizations, or community groups to create, manage, and, and push content to supporters’ smartphones.
  22. Livin Life Inc. -- Livin Life Inc. is a new type of shower control that integrates software technology with hardware to improve the shower experience while conserving water and energy.
  23. Mentors Insync -- Mentors Insynch is a person-centered digital mentoring connection platform. 
  24. Mercku -- Mercku delivers the most potent IoT hardware all integrated with AI/big data.
  25. Moink -- Moink is a subscription-based meat company that connects ethically conscious meat lovers with humanely raised meats from family farms.
  26. N2N Services Inc. -- N2N Servixes helps organizations find turnkey cloud migration and cloud integration at an affordable cost.
  27. Netsecop -- Netsecop helps businesses secure their websites by detecting malware and vulnerabilities and then by removing them from websites.
  28. Nomori -- Nomori identifies people that might pose a threat to a location using real time face identification and notifying customers/security.
  29. Olympus Labs -- Olympus Labs is a financial ecosystem that defines the protocol for cryptocurrency-based financial products.
  30. One Dream Foundation -- One Dream Foundation builds hospitals, colleges, and research centers in Zambia using an App - Lubwe Radio Mix.
  31. Packlane -- Packlane is an online printing company that makes the process of ordering custom packaging easy and affordable for brands of any size.
  32. Pheramor, Inc. -- Pheramore combines genetics with social media likes/interests to eliminate bad first dates.
  33. RoboGarden Inc. -- RoboGarden is a learn-by-doing game-style, intelligent eLearning environment.
  34. SensiML -- SensiML is a software toolkit that enables any IoT developer to quickly and easily generate app-specific pattern recognition code that transforms complex sensors into actionable event detectors.
  35. Sensorscall -- Sensorcall is an AI-based platform that unobtrusively looks after the well-being of seniors living independently, learns their habits, and alerts caregivers on anomalies.
  36. ShareSmart -- ShareSmart is a consent based photo collaboration tool designed to address the growing number of healthcare breaches.
  37. Smart Drivinc -- Smart Drivinc develops consumer-centric products and platforms for the connected vehicle industry.
  38. Social Health Registry -- Social Health Registry is an API platform that functions as the STD verification component for the Online Dating community.
  39. Spark DJ, Inc. -- Spark DJ turns a smartphone into a DJ for a social connection through songs.
  40. Stoovo Inc. -- Stoovo helps users manage money and matches them with short-term job assignments to reach specific financial goals or cover unforeseen expenses.
  41. Streann Media -- Streann Media is an SaaS platform that is reinventing content distribution, engagement, and monetization.
  42. Switcher Inc.-- Switcher is a creation platform to help build brands through better social video.
  43. Virtual Emily -- Virtual Emily combines specialized consulting and cutting-edge technology apps to help clients transform their life and business.
  44. VoxSnap -- VoxSnap is a platform to transform text to human voice for bloggers and businesses.
  45. VRex Immersive --VRex Immersive matches people to places by using Virtual Reality.
  46. Walkabout Collaborative LLC -- Walkabout Workplace is the next-generation collaboration platform for remote teams.
  47. Wallaroo Labs -- Wallaroo Labs makes the infrastructure virtually disappear to achieve rapid deployment, a very low operating cost, and elastic capacity with zero downtime.
  48. WeSecureApp -- WeSecure App is a cyber security company that provides security testing, auditing, and consulting services.
  49. Workast, Inc. -- Workast is a platform that allows teams to manage their work and get more done.
  50. YouTeam -- YouTeam is a marketplace for hiring full-time remote engineers from vetted development shops.