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"I Had to Leave Houston to Get Funded"

One of the biggest pain points I hear on a regular basis from startup founders in our own city of Houston is how hard it is for startups outside of the energy and sometimes medical industries to get funded.

We have lost local startups to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and North Carolina ( just to name a few). We have watched them go, changing the landscape and eco-system of Houston's entrepreneurial community

Wednesday, November 12 from 6-9pm Startup Grind Houston brings you the opportunity to come together and start a meaningful dialogue on what has to happen to change this attrition into growth. A dialogue that leads to smarter actions we can take together.

Grinders we have all chosen a specific path for our business and/or startup.

  • The qualities required to reach our goals are often times are things we posses, but maybe not to the height or depth needed to get across our defined finish line.

  • One of the biggest pains I hear expressed in the Houston Startup Community is “lack of funding available” to support the entrepreneurs in our own community now.

  • Not the community we might want, not the community we could build, but the community we have right here and now.


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That is why we have chosen to ask CEO of Centauri Health, Kim Evans to join us November 12th to hold a much needed conversation. She will share her experiences from her previous startup's and her current startup's funding process.

What do we want to accomplish from this evening’s dialogue?

  • Identifying where all are the opportunities we could be missing in this ecosystem?

  • What type of ecosystem is needed for investors to fund more deals?

  • Where are the educational opportunities to bring investors on board to build a more vibrant and diverse startup ecosystem?

  • Who else needs to be a part of this ecosystem we might not have involved?

Bring your questions and also some answers to November’s Startup Grind.

Bring someone you’d want to do business with to November’s Startup Grind.

Bring someone you’d want to invest in to November’s Startup Grind.

Let’s create the story we want for Houston’s startup community to grow into.

It starts with each of us being willing to find incremental ways to collaborate and work together.

Will you step up to the challenge and how?

Secure your ticket to attend and...

remember to bring a team member, a mentor or a fellow entrepreneur with you.

Besides who else brings you a great food sponsor like the infamous El Tiempo to feed you?

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