Successful Startups: 10 Tools You Need Right Now

With so many startups on the rise, young entrepreneurs are tempted to start their own business, rather than work for an already existing establishment. In today’s world of technology, it seems a startup can get any help they might need with their startup.

There’s so many helps out there nowadays: free marketing apps, virtual accounting assistants, and website testing tools. The hard part seems to be choosing the right tools for you. Here’s a list of 10 tools that will help you with your daily entrepreneurial tasks and empower you to achieve more.


Have an idea, but not sure if it’s profitable? IdeaCheck is a tool dedicated to evaluating the success of your idea based on your chosen target audience. The tool will collect all necessary information and provide you with valid insights. It works by taking your elevator pitch and your desired target audience into account and then providing you with accurate conclusions. Don’t ponder if your idea is good, use this tool to know for sure.


Once you have your idea checked and validated, you need it to come to life. InVision is a platform designed just for that. Using this tool, you can collaborate with your team on designing and delivering a prototype of your product. Create workflows, assign tasks, get and give feedback - all on one platform, all in one tool. Creating a product with a team has never been easier.


Baremetrics will help you grow your startup right. Forecasting, analytics, customer and team management - all in one place. Baremetrics’ trial insights feature will help you convert your customers that use a trial version of your product by providing you with meaningful user insights. Reasonably cheaply, you will get tons of features that will help you grow your business successfully.

Online Invoices

Online Invoices is a painless online accounting system. It will complete the most daunting accounting processes without you even noticing it. The software offers automated client follow-up, invoicing, inventory management and control, and many other features. On top of that, if you ever have any issues -- 24/7 customer support is always there to help you. Online invoices will enable you to spend more time on tasks that matter more.


At the start, you might not yet have the revenue to hire a marketing team. GrowthGeeks is an online marketing team, ready to help when you need any kind of marketing services. From social media marketing to SEO and inbound marketing - easily achieved desired results. You can hire as many digital marketers as you need for as long as you wish for. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the results achieved, you can get your money back!

Online Form Builder

Easily attainable contact details are essential for any digital business. The tool -- Online Form Builder --allows you to build converting custom web forms without any coding knowledge. With online form builder you can also publish forms you create anywhere you want: Facebook, Wix, WordPress or even your email and by including payment field straight into your form, you shorten your sales funnel and make it easy for your customers to place an order.

Hemingway App

Even for those of us who succeeded in English classes in high school, a little help once in a while is necessary. Hemingway App is an incredibly intuitive tool that will help you simplify complicated sentences, get your punctuation on point, and broaden your vocabulary so that every single email, blog post or presentation you write is professional and easy to understand. You can use it anywhere you like, with any kind of texts you want.


Getting the word out about your company and products is an essential part of marketing, it’s the essence of it. NinjaOutreach is a tool that will help you outreach to influencers in your industry, get in touch with bloggers, and find the right audience for your articles. With this tool, it’s easy to build trustworthy relationships and successful outreach campaigns, get the traffic to your website and buzz around your brand.


Polarr is a photo editing app available on many different platforms, that will allow all of the images on your website or presentations tell a real story. Unlike other professional image editing apps, Pollar is easy to use, cross-platform, and has every single feature you might need. Make your presentations eye-catching and professional and images on your website converting.


When it comes to apps for fluent team communication, there are indeed hundreds of them. Not all, however, deliver as promised. Slack is one of those chat apps that has never disappointed me. This tool has you and your team covered when any of the business matters need to be discussed and closed. No miscommunication, lost tasks, or missed deadlines - Slack has features in place to help you avoid all that.