Talking to Bloggers? Read This First

Whether you want to ask to be a guest blogger on their site, to be interviewed, or want a link exchange, approaching a blogger who’s more established than yourself can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t need to be—the good news is that doing so much online (from dating to applying for jobs) has thickened your skin. The bad news is that in-demand bloggers are approached so much that you need to really stand out. It’s kind of like getting others to an event, because approaching a blogger takes a certain finesse.

First, make sure you do your research so this doesn’t look like a copy and paste pitch. Maybe you’ve discovered that the blogger recently attended an event in Kalamazoo, and you have a connection to the city. Perhaps you’ve found a recent post of theirs about your industry, and that’s where you can make a link happen. Next up? Actually getting their attention:


1. Approach them how they prefer

Maybe it’s via email, their LinkedIn site, or as a direct comment on their blog. Some bloggers will explicitly say how they can be reached for a variety of different things, while others don’t. During the research stage, keep an eye out for this. The more private bloggers might not advertise their email address, but you may be able to find it with a little digging. These bloggers, while a bit secretive, obviously won’t get approached as often so you’re already ahead of the game.


2. Tell them what you can do for them

Nobody wants to be approached by a stranger and asked for a favor. A great relationship with a blogger is mutually beneficial, but you need to highlight the perks for them. If you’re after guest blogging, brush up on, Kissmetric’s tips for doing so well. Keep your outreach short, sweet, simple, and all about what you can do for them and why.


3. Proofread, proofread, proofread

Nothing screams unprofessional like a pitch or approach that’s riddled with grammatical errors. If possible, get someone else to take a look before you send the email or post that comment. The human brain is incredible, and very good at correcting your own writing and filling in the blanks, so you don’t see the errors. Unfortunately, those corrections often don’t extend to your fingertips—which can make you look like an amateur.


4. Make it easy to be researched and reached

If a blogger is interested in you, they need to be able to contact you easily and quickly. They also might want to do a little research of their own. In your signature, include your website, blog, social media profiles, and the best way to research you. Don’t make them dig when you’re the one who reached out.


5. Show that you’ve done your homework

A little flattery can go a long way, like mentioning a recent post they wrote that you enjoyed. However, you also need to showcase that you actually read and appreciate their work, not just that you Googled their name and blindly picked a blog posting. This lets them know that you’re seeking them out in particular and there’s merit for a “match”.


Most importantly, don’t assume that bloggers will get back to you just because you did everything right. Just like you, they’re busy. Send one follow-up email if you like, but if there’s still no nibble it’s time to let it go.