The Quiet Startup: How to Go from Wallflower to Superpower

There has been a lot written about the power of an introvert as an entrepreneur – dubbed intrapreneurship. In a previous article, I shared a few of my own challenges as an introvert in business and in life, and how I’ve learned to embrace them.

10 Ways to Rebound From an Embarrassing Email Mistake

We've all hit send prematurely, CC’d the wrong person and even spoken ill of a non-responsive recipient without knowing whether they were receiving emails. Such business mistakes are awkward but common, especially for entrepreneurs, and can be fixed. Here are ten embarrassing email mistakes you might make and how you should react to save face:

PR Rockstar Gina Din: Create Your Own Status Quo

Does entrepreneurship know gender? Who's a philanthropreneur? Is there a difference between being self employed and being an entrepreneur? What challenges do women face in the entrepreneurship journey and how can they overcome the challenges?

How To Hack PR in Today’s Noisy Startup Culture

Rephrasing a prominent Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen,  "Public relations game in the 21st century is not Harmony, it's Tinder".

Go It Alone or Join the Pack?

As the founder of a new startup, you will be faced with myriad decisions early on, many of them crucial. One of these is where to set up shop, and it is likely that you will be advised to go with one of four options: working at home, a coworking space, an accelerator/incubator, or moving directly to your own leased office space. Although you will need to choose one of these, it might be good to remember the old adage “always look before you leap” before making the move. Taking a realistic look at which stage your company is in, and what resources are needed to keep it afloat is a good beginning.