Techstars Boise: Giving Idaho Entrepreneurs a Shot

A shot of what?  A shot of knowledge, a shot at the big time, a shot of adrenaline, a shot of magical unicorn tears?  The answer is “all of the above and more.”  All five partners of Techstars Ventures will be hitting the ground in Boise on August 24th and they’ll be handing out these shots like candy.  It’s what they do.  They hook up entrepreneurs with game changing insight, mentorship, and connections that help fuel the fires that we’re building.

Last April, I was lucky enough to have worked with Techstars.  With a bit of elbow grease and help from Boise’s Mark Solon, I was accepted to the Patriot Boot Camp presented by Techstars.  It’s a three day melt-your-face-off conference that’s devoted to veteran entrepreneurs.  I was proud to represent Boise as a Startup Grind Team Member, an F-15 pilot, and as a co-founder from my startup called Towel Burner.

Additionally, we were lined up with one on one mentor sessions.  Just like the speakers, these mentors volunteered their weekend with one mission in mind:  help out hungry entrepreneurs by providing extreme value however possible.  My top talk was with Bill Arzt from FitReserve.  Bill immediately understood Towel Burner’s business concept and helped me refine our strategy.  What really stands out; Bill didn’t look at our meeting as a quick consultation.  We’ve managed to stay in touch and he has gone as far as connecting me with his mentors.  As a direct result, Towel Burner is working with one of the world’s largest fitness centric private equity firms and one of the nation’s top rising nutrition brands.

You can say that Techstars provided me with a shot, but words really can’t explain the value that the Techstars team brings to the table for us entrepreneurs.  You really need to experience it for yourself AND the opportunity to do so is staring you in the face! Reserve your ticket for the 24th, do it now, and join David Cohen, Mark Solon, Ari Newman, Jason Seats, Nicole Glaros, and Startup Grind Boise for a night of entrepreneurship at Trailhead that will truly inspire you.

This piece was written by Jeff of Startup Grind Boise. Jeff is an active duty fighter pilot in the Air Force and is a co-founder for a new marketing startup - Towel Burner.  He’s deeply committed to entrepreneurship and is proud to volunteer as a team member for Startup Grind Boise and an ambassador for Zana.