The Power Of AI In Lead Generation

Let’s face it, as a marketer, your primary goal in mind is almost always on finding new strategies to help you find and target quality leads and targets for your sales team.

You’ve probably already discovered a few tactics to help catapult you to your goals such as data analysis or predictive analytics tools. Still, if you’re using these utilities as part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to have an idea of the next logical iteration: artificial intelligence or AI solutions.

Nurturing Leads

AI solutions are vital to the marketer’s efforts because they make the process of finding, attracting and nurturing new leads as efficient as possible.

If you’re thinking about using AI to help find and generate new leads for your business, consider the top reasons proving why you should.

Discover And Study Your Most Valuable Leads

A solid artificial intelligence solution has the potential to help you select and choose the most valuable accounts to target for a potential sale. This potential has direct cost-savings implications that won’t just help you to stick within your budget, but also expand your efforts.

Instead of being pushed into attempting to filter through and whittle down a crowd of leads to discover the ones that can offer the greatest amount of value, you can let a sophisticated AI solution do all of the work— and more efficiently as well. Not only could AI help you to score all of your potential leads, it could also help you to identify and sort out which would be particularly good for inbound or outbound marketing initiatives.

Harness An Understanding of What Makes  The “Best” Prospects

Often times, marketers use “predictive scores” to determine a list of the best prospects. Their efforts don’t allow them to drill down and decipher which quality attributes make one candidate more desirable over another. Typically, AI solutions can detect which particular relationships elude average marketers.

Mostly this is because marketers are trained to think about the specifics, they narrow in on terms of specific job titles, specific functional areas, or specific industries.

From this perspective, marketers figure that if an executive from one company in a particular industry has been a customer in the past, that it makes sense for other executives from other companies in that same industry to have the capacity of being potential customers in the future.

It’s a well-meaning and sometimes even successful thought process. However, it leaves out and overlooks the prospects that an AI solution can determine relatively quickly. AI solutions have the power to pinpoint every one of the unique attributes, traits, and pre-conditions that will set the stage for a sale.

Foster One-on-One Engagement With Your Customers

Chatbots have been helping businesses to generate leads for years now. Making the information businesses collect of an even higher quality, is the reason why the newest chatbots are now powered by AI.

These have the potential to facilitate conversations with customers that can help businesses collect more accurate data and learn more about customers over time. The more engagements these AI-powered chatbots can promote, the smarter they can become and the more informed they will be when it comes to answering questions in the future.

Uncover The Right Time, The Right Channels and The Right Platforms For Engagement

AI solutions can be a vital tool for helping businesses to determine how to reach out to prospects, as well as what specific marketing messages will likely be the most effective in terms of making new sales conversions.

The key to successful engagement is to send out an offer at the right time, via the right channel and the right platform — AI can help businesses regulate the accuracy and appropriateness of action when it comes to all of these factors.

Artificial Intelligence can be quite a bit more accommodating and flexible than most businesses think when it comes to helping to promote the customer’s journey.

A quality AI experience can help business find dependable leads, nurture relationships along the way to a final sale, and structure the optimal customer journey to ensure the execution of a final sale.