The Power of Community and Collaboration

I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie Zemsky for lunch at the Filling Station in the heart of Larkin Square and with food trucks, brightly colored furniture, and laughing faces all around I was amazed at the value Larkin Square has brought to Buffalo. Larkin Square did not happen by chance, but was the result of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

Leslie Zemsky is the Director of Fun for Larkin, and during our lunch I discovered a valuable lesson for any entrepreneur in Buffalo; the power of Community and Collaboration.

By seeing an opportunity in the Larkin District a true Buffalo treasure has been established. By embracing the community and continuous collaboration Larkin has thrived.

From providing a respite for fun on summer nights, to supporting local entrepreneurs, to influencing policy in Toronto what Leslie Zemsky has helped achieve at Larkin is amazing. I hope you will join us May 29th to hear this valuable story.