Conference Season Has Started! Here's How You Waste It

Building a company from scratch is is an adventure like no other.

7 Ways to Keep Your Burn Rate Low

I often get asked what a "good" burn rate is. Unfortunately the answer, like most questions that relate to raising venture capital, is “it depends.”

For Startups, Automation is a Key Ingredient to Success

Startups don’t generally flop from terrible ideas. In most cases, it’s due to a lack of planning, resources, or execution.

Why you Should be Using AI in Your Marketing Game Plan

After waiting for decades for its arrival, the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally here. AI refers to software systems that have the sophistication and capacity to carry out human tasks, but with increased speed and efficiency.

Get Your Medium Stories to Rank on The Front Page of Google

I first turned to Medium because of it’s sleek design and access to its vast network of readers.
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