VC Corner Q+A with Carlos Eduardo Espinal


As partner at Seedcamp, Carlos refers to himself being the 'guy our founders call when they need advice'. Along with working closely with companies on everything from settling founder disputes to setting fundraising milestones, he also found time to write a book called the 'Fundraising Fieldguide' to help founders navigate the fundraising process.

Having worked as an Associate at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, as an Engineer for the Advanced Communications Technologies group of The New York Stock Exchange (SIAC), and as a consultant at PKI Developer, Cybertrust/Baltimore Technologies before joining Seedcamp back in 2010, Carlos has a passion for tech and jumping into the deep end with new ideas and products. Seedcamp is a European seed fund that identifies and invests early in world-class founders (including TransferWise, BorrowMyDoggy, Revolut + many more) attacking large global markets.

Outside of investing, you’ll also find Carlos podcasting for Seedcamp at ‘This Much I Know’ where he speaks to innovators, leading tech voices, investors and operators who share their journey with listeners.


What is your / your fund's mission?

Seedcamp is Europe’s seed fund, and as such, our mission is to back globally ambitious European founders, investing in bringing people together in local ecosystems, and bridging founders and capital from around the world

What is one thing you are excited about right now?

The acknowledgement by the global stage that Europe can create billion dollar companies that bring value to customers worldwide.

What is one question you ask yourself before investing in a company?

Am I inventing the vision for the company out of a desire for it to be something, or is it the founder's actual vision?

What is one thing every founder should ask themselves before walking into a meeting with a potential investor?

Is this fund/investor, a right fit for our company and if so, why?

What are the top 3 qualities of every great leader?  

Empathy, putting the needs of those who work for them above their own, and decisiveness.

Favorite business book, blog, podcast?

Time to plug my book, podcast, and blog! :)

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

I love photography, travelling, bouldering and adventuring in general.

What is one piece of advice you’d give every founder?

Don't be so 'reasonable' in your expectations and goals!

What do you think should be in a CEO's top 3 company priorities?

  1. Set the strategy for the company

  2. Fundraise

  3. Make key hires