Waterloo: Roll up the RIM to WIN!

Canada has a famous coffee chain called Tim Horton's. Every year, they have a big promotion where you check your empty disposable cup and "Roll Up The Rim" for a chance to win something.

One of the keys to this promotion's perennial success is that is not about the big prize. The prize structure is designed so that if you play you often win. Perhaps the folks at Tim Horton's understand that many small investments in social capital can have a better effect than having one big winner to splash in a photo op. (And yes, folks do talk about the promo on twitter, but that is besides the point).

Everyone in the world is focused on the troubles at RIM, but this is a great info-graphic that tells the whole story in RIM's hometown, Waterloo, ON. This cup is not half empty.

No one in Canada wishes anything but the best for RIM and the Blackberry, despite our often vocal criticisms of why they are in the position that they are in.

The argument for "creative destruction" was often offered during the downfall of Canada's previous tech champion, Nortel, but Nortel's hometown Ottawa is just getting it's mojo back.  It won't be easy for Waterloo.

On the other hand, there are many reasons to think that the talent that spilled out of Nortel was POTS focused. While the mobile expert exiles from RIM are part of a rising tide globally.

I'll have a double-double of Waterloo.  This time the story is not straight black.
Waterloo Tech Infographic
Sortable Waterloo Region Tech Infographic

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