Why I Spend $3,000/Month on a Personal Chef and Trainer but Still Live at My Parent’s House

Sounds crazy...but I do. But before we dig deeper into why, let me first share a little bit more about myself and what I do. I am a dotcom entrepreneur. Have been an entrepreneur since the age of 21...before I even graduated college.

I saw a friend have success with being an entrepreneur.

I got into the entrepreneurship world when I saw my fraternity brother launch his personal website to showcase his music.

I wanted to do the same. Not for music. But...for Chess. I loved chess! So I designed a t-shirt with my name and a chess piece on it.

The t-shirt became my bread and butter and paid all my bills since I was 14 years old and just in high school.

I opened a website and talked about chess.

So, I thought...why not open a website which showcases who I am and talk about chess from that site!

I used to coach chess at that time, so this would be the perfect way for me to really get the word out there about my chess coaching business. So, I hired a developer from a friend's suggestion.

After 2 months, he built me one of the worst looking website imaginable and just took my money. He even went as far as to cuss me out at Starbucks because he thought I was making him do too much work for the money I was paying him.

Basically, since then, I launched 15 other startups, both online and offline.

Even ridiculous things I tried such as being a broker for Forex brokers, making chess pieces out of chocolate, selling beanie babies on ebay, an ed tech startup that helps college students….

Heck, I even bought baby products online and then resold them to local stores around Memphis one summer! But, all but three of these businesses failed.

The only 2 which survived, and which I still do today are: Chowdhury’s Digital, Organic Allure, and Influencer Spotlight. I basically do online marketing consulting and run a PR agency where I help influencers get into large media publications such as Forbes, Inc, Bloomberg, etc.

And I sell various organic skincare products on Amazon. Yes...I spend a lot of time every day trying to learn more about starting my next ecommerce business with the next hot and trendy product in the market.

So, I am obviously a pretty typical dotcom entrepreneur when it comes to my businesses. However, when it comes to my dotcom lifestyle, some have said that I am pretty weird -- but I'm not when compared with other entrepreneurs. We do a lot of things the same way.

I will share with you a few of the weird things I do as a dotcom entrepreneur.  I am not going to say you should do any of these things. All I am saying is that this is what I do and how I live, and it works for me.

1. I have my own personal chef who does all my meal prepping

Her name is Ebony Knight, and she does an amazing job as a personal chef.

I pay more than $2k per month on food and cooking just so I do not have to worry about eating healthy.

She cooks me the meals which are recommended by my personal trainer (which I will get to next), prepares them in a way so that it is very easy and convenient for me to eat it while I am on the GO!

Most of the time, I eat chicken, fish, steaks, eggs, veggie juice, and low carb tortillas. I do occasionally have cheat meals, and those I save for when I go out to eat with my friends.

Having a chef helps me tremendously because, as an entrepreneur, I do not want to have to spend even a single extra minute on stuff like cooking and meal prepping. But, at the same time, I do not just want to eat fast food every day either. So, hiring a chef is the best way for me to get “fast food” while also heating very healthy and yummy.

2. I hired a personal trainer and set a goal to get 6-pack abs in 120 days

Yup, sure did, Boss! Why? Because without health and good looks, what is the point of money anyway?

I have noticed that it's far easier for me to just look good and get girls than to try to get them with my money or by hopping on every single hookup app for android. So, I make sure that I am super healthy and look as sexy as possible.

Now, I tried training by myself before. It simply does not work for me. I hate the idea of going to a gym alone by myself and lifting weights all day.

So, instead, I hired a personal trainer, joined a gym where I can play basketball daily, and made a social commitment and challenge that I would get 6 pack abs in 120 days. My trainer is amazing! His name is Quint Miller.

We do a lot of core workouts and play a lot of basketball since playing a sport is an amazing way to not only get your High Intensity Interval Training done, but basketball also is a really fun sport to play. I do not even realize how many calories I am burning when I am deeply focused on the basketball game.

And...most importantly, working out daily helps me get to sleep quickly at night as soon as I hit the sheets, which is HUGE not only for muscle building but also for my business success.

And sleep has so many other benefits also, so, I make sure to get a solid 10 hours per night.

3. I live at my parent’s house even though I have a very nice apartment in downtown Memphis, right behind the Pyramid

Yuppp. Why? Same reasons again. You see, I am forced to work more than 70 hours a week sometimes. You might think that just because I maintain a laptop lifestyle means that I never work or do anything, right?

Nope. I work hard. I work long hours actually. But, the thing is that the more hours I work, the more money I make. So, I chose to live at my parent’s house because I love being around family, of course.

But, also because my mom and dad do a lot of things for me, so I can actually focus a lot more attention on my business rather than personal stuff. ​

They take care of my car, insurance, doctor’s appointments, wash my clothes, and many other things. Of course, I pay for all my own stuff and give them money also, but it is the convenience and time that I save that is so epicly valuable for me and my business. I am also a minimalist.

I literally do not own anything except my laptop, a car, my phone, some clothes and shoes, and that is pretty much it! Oh, I also have a basketball and a fishing rod.

But, basically, to be a successful entrepreneur, you really have to try to focus as much of your hours per day working on your business as possible. The rest of the time, I spend being around and doing things with my friends and family, helping others, and growing my relationship with God.


It might seem weird to you if you are not used to this type of nomadic and simplistic lifestyle, but it makes sense for some. For a while I used to even live in hotels because of the convenience thing.

But these days, I try to live a happy and simple life which involves a lot of free time. I hate wasting my time doing chores. I knew even back then that vacuuming the house or raking leaves was not going to make me rich or help me in anyway. I definitely know it now.

So, I only focus my time on doing the things that I do better than anyone else. All other tasks, I try to delegate out to others. I am buying a house soon, but guess what? I will probably have like nothing inside my house except a chair, bed, table, and wifi.

Let me know what you guys think or if you also have a crazy lifestyle as dotcom entrepreneur.