Only Rely on Organic Social Media Followings

Social media has been a groundbreaking influence when it comes to branding and advertisements. Over the years there has been a rising growth of brands taking to social media in order to gain viewership base. Social media has helped even the tiniest brands to reach out beyond the borders and expand their realms.

But with the added reach comes the question of whether one should rely on only organic social media or opt for paid options. While paid social media definitely has a huge lure to it, it is important to understand why organic social media is better for your brand.

It’s basically free promotion.

Without paying a single buck from your own pocket you get to enjoy promotions via organic search. Organic search works social media algorithms which are designed to suggest options based on the searches and social media, as well as other online, activities of the users.

This ensures that without spending any money your brand gets promoted, and that too for your relevant audience based on their similar interests. For example, one who is looking for online printing of name cards will be shown the relevant companies who do the same based on search activity.

This is a winning situation for startups and small businesses who do not have big budgets to work with.

It reduces a recurring expense.

If you opt for advertising your brand on social media, depending on the platform of your choice you will have to pay certain amounts of money. It could be to boost a single post or for all your posts for a certain period of time.

At the end of this period, your advertisements would disappear from the social media and you will go back to regular organic suggestion unless you keep paying for more promotions. This ends up becoming a recurring expense for your company. Instead look at more static and permanent options of organic search, such as static and informative website, social media presence, and name card printing service.

It offers a fair evaluation.

When your organic reach on social media spreads you know the numbers that you reach are simply a result of your social media interaction which syncs up with popular search trends online.

This helps you understand how you are actually doing and hence, helps you formulate a plan to work on your social media and other online activity to ensure a better reach. With the help of the right actions your organic search can boom.

Credibility is high.

On the other hand, an organic social media search poses greater credibility in the eyes of the viewers than sponsored advertisements. This could be partly attributed to the fact that an organic suggestion gives the assurance that the particular brand believes in its service or products enough to not rely on advertisement only.

Therefore, go for paid ads only if you are pitching something unique or special that no one else can afford to offer. For example, a pet photo printing service could do well with ads, but an invitation company doesn’t need to spend as organic search will do its advertisement already.

When it comes to organic search--the keyword is the key to success.  With a little research you can reap profits without any expense.