Worlds Largest Startup Holiday Party!

When you work at a big company, the year always ends with a bang as corporate rains down the big dollars and throws a massive party of varying levels of size depending on the latest company financial results. When you start a startup that party goes away. You have no one to throw it with. We're changing that.

This December we are hosting the worlds biggest UN-corporate holiday party for startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners! Freelancers and self-employed professionals are all welcome! Come be apart of our extended community as we host corresponding parties with other Startup Grind members around the world at the exact same time.

Join us in Silicon Valley at YouDazzle HQ in the Nest GSV incubator as we broadcast the party live to the dozens of cities worldwide through Startup Grind! Special guest appearance by founder/CEO of North Pole Industries, Santa Claus, to be interviewed by Startup Grind founder Derek Andersen. Join us for food, drinks and fun! Get more information and your FREE tickets here.