Your Leadership is Impacting Your Business Positively in Three Ways

A company’s success is made up of different components – strategy, talent, competitive advantage, and leadership. All play a role, but leadership becomes one of the main reasons for the success of a business.

Some businesses succeed despite their leaders, but as a general rule, it’s the leader that determines the direction of strategy, provides the inspiration and culture to keep the talent motivated and productive, and the tactics and decisions that lead to the degree of competitive advantage.

As a leader and a woman I have a different perspective than the traditional picture of leadership.

In watching other leaders and having some really great mentors, I realized there are many ways you can leverage your leadership to positively impact your business:

  1. Developing talent: 

Effective leadership is about mentoring, coaching, and teaching your team. The more you can work toward developing the talent you already have, the more likely they are to increase their productivity, stay loyal and committed, and feel inspired to offer ideas that can further help the business gain a competitive advantage and reach its strategic targets.

Your interest in developing the gifts of the talent already on your team illustrates that you are acknowledging they have a tremendous role in company results and that you value them as individuals.

In return, they will want to do more for you and the company because they’ve been made to feel more like an integral part of the organization. I have experienced this first hand in helping many different types of people on my team to grow into their roles and discover what they would like to contribute to the organization.

This has been satisfying for me as a leader to assist and guide them while the company has also benefitted from developing this talent into their true potential, creating a competitive advantage for us.

  1. Creating greater efficiencies: 

Your ability as a leader to see where improvements can be made, clearly communicating what can change to further efficiency gains, and providing the resources necessary to do those improvements positively impacts the business in numerous ways.

First, in being able to show how efficiency is needed has illustrated to my team that I am interested in constantly improving the business and that you are willing to put the company resources into doing building greatness.

This makes their job easier and alleviates some of the time-consuming tasks or duplication of effort so your team can focus more on your customers or other aspects that drive revenue for the business.

By communicating why efficiency is important and why the changes are necessary, I have encouraged my team to look at things the same way so they can also identify areas of improvement that will further impact the business positively.

  1. Pushing innovation through organization: 

By leading in an innovative way, I have also been able to provide the framework for others to focus on innovation that can help the organization do things differently in order to press forward and succeed in a big way.

Moving your new innovation through can also be a means for developing the disruptive solutions that can set the business apart from the competition. I have put my innovative leadership processes to work and redesigned the organization to stimulate an environment where creativity and innovation can freely occur and where the team feels they can explore their ideas.

From a leader’s ability to create a vision and set of values or design a strategy that puts innovation at the heart of everything that is done. The business has been positively impacted by my ability to create a truly innovative organization that the competition just hasn't been able to accomplish.

This type of success seems to have a better chance because you have created an atmosphere of free thinkers. 

A leader creates this positive impact on the business through their leadership style as well as through specific actions. I have included clear and consistent communication that articulates why this approach can help the organization succeed and how the team is contributing to making these results happen.

I have also provided the framework and process that back up these leadership methods, so that the team can follow through on the model that has been created for them.

Finally, I have delivered the tools and other resources, such as training and development programs, work flexibility, and culture, to promote the ideals and values that are drive that positive impact on the business.

In this way, it’s not just about a leader’s ideas or even their actions. It’s also the overall holistic approach, including the presence they create, how the talent is treated, what the leader can promote. This includes how the leader creates - in the business environment - a way in which change can occur and the business can have positive development that ripples through the entire company.