Christian Nagel (Earlybird Venture Capital)

St. Oberholz (New) - Zehdenicker Str. 1 Berlin, 10119 Berlin
Oct 7 - 8, 2015, 7:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

About 16 years ago, Christian Nagel founded one of the best known German VCs. To date, Earlybird has raised more than 700 million Euros. A world-class sailor, Christian has also seen stormy waters and managed them successfully. Among other successes, he twice won the world championship for the Swan-45 sailing class. His passion to overcome big obstacles has also helped him with his investing approach. Christian knows the German startup landscape like few others. He and his team have invested in some of the most successful German startups, some of them yielding exits of more than 100 Million Euros. Among his best known investments, one will find auctionata, Interhyp, Number26, Smava, Tipp 24,. He thus knows a great deal about startups and some of their vital success factors. On October 7th, he will be our guest for the 12th edition of Startup Grind Berlin and share some of the amazing experiences he gained after more than 20 years investment experience. He will also reveal some of his other talents. In addition, we will elaborate upon a number of questions, such as: What went wrong during the German New Market and the consecutive bubble burst? What’s more important, the idea or the team behind it? What criteria matter for a potential investment? Christian and Startup Grind Berlin are looking forward to learn more about the past and future of entrepreneurship in Germany. Don’t miss this event, we only have a limited amount of tickets available.



October 7 - 8
7:30 PM (CEST)


St. Oberholz (New)
Zehdenicker Str. 1
10119 Berlin

St. Oberholz (New)
Zehdenicker Str. 1 Berlin10119

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